Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best Kawasaki VN 900 Custom 2011

Bridging the visual Balancing the lightweight look of the front end is a low, wide rear wheel featuring a 180mm tire on a 15-inch cast wheel that gives the rider the feeling of sitting on a one-of-a-kind, made-to-order motorcycle. The wheel features spokes arranged in pairs for a special visual appeal. Perhaps one of the most striking examples of this Vulcan cruiser’s distinctive look is its large-diameter 21-inch front cast wheel – itself somewhat rare in the custom-building world. A massive rear tire, light-looking front end accentuated by a thin 21-inch cast wheel, and sculpted bodywork top the stand-out features of the Vulcan 900 Custom.

Kawasaki engineers and designers concentrated on delivering a motorcycle with a customized appearance typically found only on expensive two-wheel offerings. The 900 Custom’s unique, edgy design shows it can stand out from the crowd. Like its siblings, the Vulcan 900 Custom has a fuel-injected 903cc engine that produces exceptional roll-on acceleration rivaling the get-up-and-go of much larger motorcycles – yet it’s wrapped in a nimble chassis that lets it turn and handle like no heavyweight motorcycle can. These stylish machines have more to offer than just good looks. But you won’t pay big bike bucks to get this affordable middleweight. And the 180-series rear tire, the largest in its class, accentuates its big bike style. Stylish cast wheels, including a solid-look rear wheel, complete the classic V-twin look.  Drawing from both current and classic styling influences, the Vulcan® 900 Custom and Custom Special Edition cruisers are a distinctive mix of back-in-the-day style and up-to-date imagery; an aggressive flat handlebar and forward footpegs place the rider in a stylish profile that enhances the overall visual appeal when rolling down Main Street.


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