Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yamaha FZ6

Yamaha FZ6 As a First Motorcycle

I've seen many articles across the internet about the Yamaha FZ6 as a first motorcycle. From what I've seen, the opinions seem pretty well split, and I think for good reason.I think there are definitely valid points for both arguments. My first motorcycle was a Yamaha R6. I really didn't ride it that much, nor did I ride it especially hard.

Common reason would suggest that this bike would not make a good first ride. It was powerful, fast, and had a very race-oriented seating position. Despite the choice, I was able to get some riding experience and understand just how powerful these bikes are.Many people looking to get the Yamaha FZ6 as a first bike tend to suggest that it isn't as powerful or fast as the R6, or more racing style motorcycles. To me, this is a very weak argument.

Having owned both, I can tell you that the power/speed difference between these bikes is minimal at best. In fact, the FZ6 simply has an R6 motor, tuned for more low end torque. This, to me, doesn't mean that it's more tame or less dangerous than the R6.

This bike begs to be ridden hard and can put new riders into positions that they will not feel comfortable with nor have the experience to deal with.Having said that, I believe that, under the right circumstances, the Yamaha FZ6 can make a suitable first motorcycle.

First and foremost, you must respect the abilities of the motorcycle. This is true for any motorcycle, but especially if you're starting out with something more than a 250cc engine. As I've said, the Yamaha FZ6 is very fast, and must be treated with additional care and respect when just starting out.

As a novice rider myself, I am still getting comfortable with my new 2008 FZ6 and haven't taken it past about 8,000 RPM. Luckily I bought it brand new, and during the break-in period, it needs to be babied. For me, it's a great time to get to know the bike, its capabilities, and characteristics.
As a new rider, I would suggest doing this regardless of its mileage or break-in status. You'll need to ride this bike conservatively for a while, before you'll have the experience and comfort to handle it properly.

I would say that, if you feel you have the self-discipline to take it easy for a while, the amount of respect necessary to understand the bike's capabilities and limitations, and a cautious attitude toward motorcycle riding, the Yamaha FZ6 would make a fine first motorcycle.


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