Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yamaha M1

Sponsors Mystery Oil on the Body Fiat Yamaha Team

Fiat Yamaha Team is again on the wind, with a distinguished victory achieved in 2009, it is not likely to be repeated again this year, with 2 person superior in the Moto GP class. elas team will replace the Repsol Honda team triumph in the era of 800 machines cc ....

But the fad ane livery note this team some strange, small, but, this is strange, to world class racing, look at deh bottom of the fairing, there is a sponsor of oil, and after see-saw there are 2, and the different brands and countries who Oli YAMALUBE one of our country and the other PETRONAS oil from our neighbors . this one who put up what ? ... if some knows please share


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