Monday, January 17, 2011

Honda VFR1200F DCT

Honda VFR1200F DCT - Long-Term Update

In just three months’ time, we’ve managed to rack up more than 5000 miles on our long-term Honda VFR1200F DCT. In addition to the bike’s use in February’s sport-touring comparison, CW staffers Mark Hoyer, John Burns and Andy Leisner, plus Road & Track Associate Art Director Bert Swift and former National Editor Mike Monticello, have all taken long rides on the big, powerful, dual-clutch-transmission-equipped V-Four; Monticello even brought along his wife, Julie, for a two-up weekend sport-tour in and around Southern California.
Though a $2500 added expense, the optional color-matched saddlebags and padded top trunk have proven extremely useful for both commuting and traveling. They do, however, make mounting and dismounting challenging for even long-legged passengers. “Climbing onto the bike, I resembled a ballet-school reject attempting to perform a standing split,” said Julie Monticello. “Once I was on board, though, the comfortable seat, backrest, footpeg location and smooth ride made the VFR an awesome touring machine.”


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