Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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2011 Moto Guzzi California Classic
The engine is not the best "two-piece cylinder block, as described After more than 40 years, is a highly refined system. The current "cruiser" is a platform-mounted V-twin engine, built around laterally (originally 700cc, now 1100), a start-line, automotive-type transmission device, a straight shaft and bevel final drive-through. thing is, they never gave up, still do not have a platform to build, and were true to their mission.

Moto Guzzi years toughed it out when the dealer networks of companies having greater resources and better all over. This is no late-comer, me-in this niche market bandwagon cruiser was built in the Renaissance from the exploitation of Harley Davidson. Guzzi cruiser built, and have built a long long time. Falcone 500cc excellent example of this in the 50s, a bike with incredible reliability, a point where the two American members of the original owner of the Guzzi Club, one of more than 50 years, a daily close to the cabalgadas is well!

Guzzi at the top of the stack at the beginning of the production of 500cc bikes were reliable and sports. Italy was the highest Guzzi in the market-most production in decades, with the street bikes less than 100cc - 300cc bike was considered on the "big". Guzzi always liked the "big" bike building, but we need to adjust the scale. However, Harley Davidson, Guzzi cruisers already in the building than anyone els - His Incarnation in the first cruiser to see you go over a 1967 V700. Continuous since 1921 had been around longer than anyone but Harley Davidson.  A Moto Guzzi California Vintage Street Cred of the week with "wannabe" Moto Guzzi, without more "Street Cred cruiser" has more than most people give credit.


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