Monday, January 3, 2011

Motorcycle Clothing

Every motorcycle rider's dream is to wear fashionable motorcycle clothing. What was originally meant to protect the rider, has now gained style quotient. Let us now take a look at various kinds of motorcycle clothing:Helmets: Designs that have dragons spewing fire, infernos, kitsch, or just about anything that fancies the rider, have become showstoppers on the road.The full-face ones offer protection for the chin area, because of its extra strong, but these tend to fog easily and the rider feels claustrophobic because of the warmth he or she experiences under it.People who wear spectacles usually wear helmets that are of the hybrid variety. As this helmet can be slid upwards, exposing the chin.The open faced one. Their detachable visors make it simple to wear. The only protection this helmet offers is for the ears and cheeks.The helmet worn by riders of any custom-made bike or a cruiser is a Shorty helmet.

Helmets that are of the motor cross variety make sunglasses redundant and come with a dirt cap. Motorcycle clothing is not restricted to helmets alone. A range of motorcycle is available in stores and online. Just to see the popularity of motorcycle clothing, a random Google search will give you 14,000,000 results. From metal-studded leather jackets to colorful nylon ones, or ones made with Kevlar, motorcycle clothing has gone beyond functionality to style. A lot of designer clothing has also made riding a stylish way to move on the road.


The classic ones are made with waxed cotton and are a mix of functionality and style. Whether one goes shopping on the bike, or rides to office or even takes it on one's trip abroad, jackets are in demand and how. They keep you dry, and comfortable while riding. Jackets are one way of telling the world who you are, but if you want to know what makes a jacket a good one, here it goes: Take a look at durability, fit, comfort, quality and protective capability.


Gloves made of leather that are waterproof are your best bet. They help you grip the handlebars.


Ensure that you do not wear any fancy buckles just because they look cool, as these can make you very uncomfortable while riding, especially because they tend to poke your skin. Denim jeans are usually good at protecting you if, god forbid, you are involved in a crash.


The best boots have ankle protection. Waterproof boots do not get wet in the rain. Ensure that the design of the sole is such that it helps you ride well. A thicker sole is best. The fashionable ones like cowboy boots are their soles. They are too smooth.

So if want to go riding and still look like you own the road, get into fashionable motorcycle clothing, but ensure that you are wearing clothing that is safe. It is the best way to get attractive people to queue up to ride pillion with you

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