Sunday, February 27, 2011

Top 10 Beautiful Starter MotorBikes Review

No.10 - Suzuki TU250X

If your two-wheeled experience is limited to squeaking around the block on a rusty Huffy, your best bet is to opt for the least likely to cause pants-wetting motorcycle on the market. The Suzuki TU250X is one of them, sporting a docile 249cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, upright riding position, and 75 mph top speed. Not to mention the Suzuki TU250X’s Bonneville-like style and passenger-friendly seat. At just under four grand, the Suzuki TU250X is a stellar starter bike.

No.9 - Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD

What happens when you take a Ninja 1,000 engine from the '80s, slice it in half and stuff it into a cruiser body? The Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD comes to life! With its bulletproof parallel twin engine, the Vulcan 500 LTD is not only reliable, but it possesses enough power to hang with bigger 850s. The bike’s low seat height, wide rear tire and dual exhaust pipes contribute to the bike’s classic styling. If you see yourself as a future highway warrior, then the Vulcan 500 LTD is an excellent start.

No.8 - Honda CRF230M

 If you’re a dirt rider trying to bridge the gap between gravel pits and asphalt, the Honda CRF230M is right up your alley. Honda’s supermotard cousin of the Honda CRF230L dirt bike delivers exceptional gas mileage and exceedingly manageable power, thanks to its air-cooled single cylinder. The Honda CRF230M is more of a commuting machine than a competition supermotard, ideal for riders looking for a lightweight, durable machine to flog around the city. 

No.7 - BMW F650 GS

Who hasn’t dreamed of pulling a Ewan McGregor and circumnavigating the globe on a BMW adventure bike? Before you work your way up to an R1200 GS, the BMW F650 GS will pave the road. But cast aside the “650” portion of this Beemer’s model name, for the bike shares the same 798cc parallel-twin with the BMW F800 GS. Those wacky Germans! The F650 GS engine is detuned, staving off a little extra grunt for beginners, and flaunts a low seat height. Heated grips, ABS and a few other optional features make the BMW F650 GS a solid bike for novice rock hoppers.

No.6 - Suzuki GS500F

The Suzuki GS500F is one of the most versatile beginner motorcycles on the planet. This standard rocks out with a full fairing and sleek bodywork for a sporty profile. Riders who don’t want to be scrunched over the tank of a sport bike in order to reach the clip-ons will love the upright seating position of the GS500F. For power, the Suzuki GS500F’s 487cc parallel twin cranks out just over 51 horsepower, yet is frugal with its gas mileage. This bike can reach 115 mph, but that’s pushing it to the max in sixth gear. The Suzuki GS500F heads the welcoming committee of the Standard world.

No.5 - Ducati Monster 696

Few brands stimulate the saliva gland to the obscene extent that Ducati tends to, and many of the Italian empire’s hundreds of thousands of loyalists will remain with a Duc for their entire lives. If you have lots of money and a burning desire for pristine Italian architecture on two wheels, then a Ducati Monster 696 is the beginning of the red carpet. With its signature trellis frame, fuel-injected, 80-horsepower, L-twin engine, and stubby tail section, the latest Monster 696 is the definition of Italian innovation. A pair of upside-down Showa forks, radial Brembo brakes and USB-equipped digital instrument panel boost the Monster’s quality meter over many bikes in this price range.  

No.4 - Yamaha FZ6R

So, you want a sportbike but you don’t want to break the bank or your neck? The Yamaha FZ6R is the safest bet for future track riders, offering smooth power, an accommodating seat height and enough low-end torque to zip through the canyons. The FZ6R’s full fairing and low handlebars round out its sporty aesthetics, while the fuel-injected 600cc inline-four engine cranks out 66.5 horsepower. Dual-disc brakes in the front attribute to the FZ6R’s impressive stopping power, and the bike is available in three different color variations. Keep walking past that expensive and intimidating R1 and swing a leg over the Yamaha FZ6R as your starter bike.   

No.3 - Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low

Harley’s classic V-Twin melds with dual chrome pipes and rear piggyback shocks, showcased by minimal bodywork. Horsepower is low and torque is a passive 55 lbs.-ft, so there’s nothing to be afraid of on your first hog. Slip on those chaps and bust out the tassels -- your first Harley is a Sportster.

No.2 - Triumph Bonneville

Evel Knievel jumped one over Caesar’s Palace. Clint Eastwood rode one through Central Park in
Coogan’s Bluff. Steve McQueen was rarely seen without one. The Triumph Bonneville is testament that classic style can outlive half a century, for today the bike is aesthetically unchanged from its 1959 debut. At 50 years old, the Triumph Bonneville is still running strong with an air-cooled 865cc parallel-twin engine, featuring EFI and an output of 67 horses. With upright seating and scintillating British style, the Triumph Bonneville is a legend in the motorcycle world and a must-have as your first bike.

No.1 - Kawasaki Ninja 500R

This is the complete package: 51 mpg, aggressive style, a budget-friendly price tag, and gallons of fun -- all courtesy of the Kawasaki Ninja 500R. With its bikini fairing and belly pan, this tame Ninja oozes sexy sportbike style without compromising comfort. A liquid-cooled 498cc parallel-twin engine fires off enough torque for the twisties, while its lightweight chassis works wonders for handling. The Kawasaki Ninja 500R requires minimal maintenance and will last you for years to come. If you’ve been touched by the Ninja after seeing
Top Gun, then the Kawasaki Ninja 500R is your Maverick.


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