Friday, November 26, 2010

India For MotoGP 2012

After Singapore, now India is negotiating to Dorna Sport (MotoGP commercial rights holders) to be a MotoGP host for 2012. This statement was happened after India ready for F1 race next year.

“We are negotiating with Dorna Sports (MotoGP commercial rights holders) to bring MotoGP to India but it's quite an early stage and we have not reached a deal yet,” a spokesman for Jaypee Sports International told Reuters. 

“We have been talking to Dorna, as we have been talking to others, to explore various other opportunities. Yes, MotoGP might come to India but it's definitely not before 2012.” 

The Jaypee Group circuit at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India is now ready for 2011 F1 race calender. This circuit was proposed in July 2007. The architect of this circuit is Hermann Tilke, with 5.15 km length of the circuit


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