Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thierry's 596cc Model 30 engine

Sent by Thierry in France

A very interesting find! Thierry owns a 596cc Model 30 engine, never officially listed in the Norton catalogues and only a handful of these machines may have been built. See the entry on Ballazam's bike for more info.

"The number on the base of the barrel is 60xxx; there is no number on the crankcase which may have been replaced at some time. The number on the barrel belongs to a 596cc Model 30, shipped on 8 November 1934 to a Geneva dealer "Demont", with an optional dynamo (Bosch) and a speedo. The frame number could have been 55xxx but unfortunately the page that contains my Norton's details is messy and the numbers are unclear. The engine has some interesting racing parts fitted: a full bronze head, magnesium cambox and the central oil feed through the camshaft to the cambox. So, now I'm looking for more information on the bike and of course the parts to build it into a complete Norton! Bien cordialement, Thierry."


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