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YAMAHA V-Star 950 (2011) specifications, features, insurance

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YAMAHA V-Star 950 (2011)
Features and Specifications

A mid-size V-twin cruiser with all the goods that won’t break the bank.
The 2011 Yamaha V-Star 950 offers middleweight performance in user friendly, confidence inspiring package that will appeal to entry level riders right through to seasoned veterans. The 2011 V-Star 950 offers an exciting combination of excellent engine performance and character with plenty of power for longer highway adventures combined with the styling and all the cruiser amenities that demanding customers have come to expect.

Long and low. The way to go.
The 2011 Yamaha V Star 950 features the longest wheelbase in its class for that stretched look and incredible straight-line cruisability, along with an ultra low seat height of just 26.5 inches. A fuel injected, air-cooled V-twin working eight valves via roller rockers provides plenty of thumping torque and power for real open road cruising. A fat tire out back and a final belt drive get the power to the ground and look good doing it.

Looking for a new generation cruiser that is fun to ride and easy to operate?
A cruiser that features a full size chassis, high quality fit and finish plus a super low seat height. The V-Star 950 offers class leading performance and plenty of cruiser character so you can discover your free spirit in comfort, style and confidence.

2011 Yamaha V-Star 950 model Features
= Fuel Consumption * 20kpl/57mpg(Imp)
= Air-cooled, 942cc, SOHC, 4-valve, V-Twin power plant
= Long, low, agile chassis with user friendly 675mm (26.6") seat height

= 942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, 60° V-twin produces outstanding low- and mid-range torque - maximum torque is reached at only 3,500 rpm - for exceptional cruising performance.
= One-piece cylinder heads feature 4-valves per cylinder to provide optimum volumetric or filling efficiency for maximum power output. More fuel / air mixture entering the combustion chamber means increased power output. Two smaller intake valves allow more air flow than a single large valve. Two smaller valves (lighter) also allow for higher rpms before valve float.
= Pent roof type combustion with optimized squish area forces the fuel / air mixture toward the centre of the combustion chamber (and the centrally located long reach spark plug) for faster, more complete combustion and hence improved power and reduced emissions.
= Cylinder heads feature buff polished fins for a quality appearance, while the cylinder head covers are chromed.
= The SOHC valve train features 31.5mm intake and 28mm exhaust valves with single valve springs which reduce friction and power losses. Specially designed "Y" shaped rocker arms activate the valves. The roller rocker system utilizes needle bearings that "roll" directly on the cam lobes allowing the lift of 2 valves at the same time without producing excessive camshaft wear and friction.
= Auto adjusting cam chain tensioners are used to reduce mechanical engine noise and maintenance
= Lightweight aluminium cylinders feature ceramic composite plating for superior heat dissipation for excellent cooling, less friction, reduced weight and longer engine life.
= Single pin style crankshaft is used to enhance engine character and exhaust note.
= Flat top, lightweight forged aluminium pistons provide excellent durability while reducing reciprocating mass for fast throttle response.
= Wet sump oil delivery system features an easy access spin-on type oil filter. A traditional dipstick is used to check oil level.
= Classic side mounted, large capacity, 3 litre air box houses an easy access, high-flow viscous paper-type filter. Its design highlights and compliments the V-twin engine appearance. The outer cover is chromed.
= Dual bore, 35mm throttle body fuel injection system with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and ISC (Idle Speed Control). This is a "closed loop" system that utilizes a heated oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor feeds back info to the ECU which in turn adjusts the fuel/air mixture for maximum power with minimum emissions. The oxygen sensor is located before the mufflers, so the use of aftermarket slip-on mufflers will not affect this system.
= 4-hole, 2-directional spray, Denso fuel injectors are used for excellent fuel atomization and more complete combustion chamber filling. There is one injector per cylinder.
= Fuel injection benefits include improved fuel economy; choke-less operation, reduced emissions, and smoother drivability. The XVS950 has been tuned to provide a very "linear" throttle response for easy riding.
= Powerful 32 bit ECU controls the ignition and fuel injection process
= Stylish 2 into 1 exhaust system features a 3-way honeycomb-type catalyser at the entry point to the muffler. The catalyser reduces harmful exhaust emissions, while the "dual stage type" muffler produces a low, throaty V-Twin exhaust note.
= Multi-plate "outer pull type'" wet clutch is used. Lever pull is light and easy.
= 5-speed transmission features optimized gear ratios for excellent city and highway drivability. Transmission gears use "straight cut dogs" for smooth, positive shifting. 5th gear delivers outstanding cruising performance and reduced rpms at highway speed
= Transistorized coil ignition (T.C.I.) provides a hot spark for sure starts and is maintenance-free.
= Clean, quiet belt drive system is extremely low maintenance and simplifies customization. The belt is similar to the XVS1300 and features "Aramid" cords for excellent strength and reduced stretching.
= Air Induction System (A.I.S.) reduces harmful CO and HC exhaust emissions.
= One piece classic heel-and-toe shifter adds versatility and enhances the overall cruising experience.
= Numerous chromed engine parts reinforce this motorcycle's quality image.

= Double cradle steel frame offers roomy ergonomics, great handling and a low seat height. This frame utilizes a 4-point rigid engine mounting system to optimize the overall rigidity balance for superior handling. The engine is a stressed member of the frame. Rake is 32 degrees. The engine is mounted low in the chassis to provide a low center of gravity for a light, easy handling feel.
= "Box section" steel swingarm compliments the frame.
= The V-Star 950 features one of the lowest seat heights in its class (675mm / 26.6"), making it very easy for most riders to place both feet flat on the ground, an important benefit for novice or shorter riders.
= The long (1685mm / 66") wheelbase provides very stable and precise handling at all speeds. Both of these benefits will help instil confidence in novice riders.
= "New Style Classic" body design concept is based on a single streamline running along the entire body surface. This stylish design highlights a new low, lean, and lighter image than conventional old style cruisers. The long, low design means spacious ergonomics with lots of leg room, which maximizes both rider and passenger comfort.
= Beefy 41mm front fork features stylish large-diameter brushed-finished fork covers. Wheel travel is 135mm (5.3") for a smooth, comfortable ride.
= Monocross style, single-shock, bottom link rear suspension centralizes mass for light, agile handling. The linkage system provides a rising rate or progressive effect that provides excellent compliance on small bumps then increases in firmness for large bumps.
= Spring preload adjustable rear shock is vertically mounted behind the engine and is tucked out of sight for that clean, classic hardtail look. Rear wheel travel is 110mm (4.3"). The 9 positions of spring preload adjustment allows the rider to tailor spring preload to suit rider weight, load and road conditions.
= Single, large 320mm front disc brake features a pin slide-type caliper with twin pistons for strong, confidence-inspiring stopping power.
= 298 mm rear disc brake is squeezed by single piston caliper mounted to the underside of the swingarm. This design not only helps to hide the caliper but also lowers the center of gravity for great handling.
= 1 inch diameter, pull back handlebars are easy to reach and enhance the riding position for excellent rider comfort. Chromed bar end weights reduce vibration for excellent rider comfort.
= 16.7 litre teardrop shaped fuel tank compliments the long, low "New Style Classic" body lines. The reserve portion of the tank is 3.7 litres.
= Separate rider and passenger seats offers excellent comfort and support for all day riding comfort. Rider seat height is only 675mm or 26.6 inches off the ground. The front portion of the rider seat is narrow to make it even easier to touch the ground. The passenger portion of the seat can easily be removed if desired.
= Front and rear fenders are made of steel for easy customization and demonstrate the quality of build.
= Full-size, "floating-type" rider floorboards are roomy and comfortably positioned while also helping reduce vibration. There is a replaceable "scraper" area on the lower edge of the board.
= Lightweight 8-spoke cast aluminium wheels are fitted wide tubeless tires. These stylish wheels feature a "split" spoke design. Front wheel is 3.50 inches wide fitted with a 130/70x 18 bias tires, while the rear is 4.5 inches wide fitted with a 170/70x 16 bias tires.
= Stylish fuel tank mounted instrument features an analog speedometer, digital odometer, dual tripmeters, low fuel tripmeter, clock and low fuel warning light. The instrument illumination can adjusted to suit the rider's preference via the RHS switch gear.
= Handlebar switch gear allows the operator to change instrument meter functions via buttons on the RHS handlebar switch, thereby eliminating the need to take your hands off the bars to "tab through" the main instrument functions.
= 60/55 watt high intensity halogen headlight emphasizes the "New Style Classic" body styling. The headlight is adjustable up and down plus left and right.
= "New Style Classic" taillight design.

= Industry-leading Star family fit and finish features rich, lustrous paint and extensive chrome accents creating a machine as stunning as it is powerful.
= Extra wide brushed aluminium front brake and clutch levers provide a quality feel.
= High output 460 watt generator
= Electric fuel pump
= Low-maintenance, lightweight, compact, sealed battery ensures fuss-free, dependable starting.
= Steering lock is integrated into the main ignition switch for extra convenience.
= Self-cancelling turn signals
= Excessive lean angle sensor will stop the engine in the event of a tip over
= Convenient under seat helmet holder bracket
= Upper & lower belt covers help prevent debris from entering the belt and pulley areas
= Stylish clear signal lenses.
= Convenient pre-wired accessory plug for passing lamps inside the headlight shell.


MSRP: $8,390 (Raven) Available from September 2010/CA model February 2011
$8,290 (Deep Blue) Available from September 2010/CA model February 2011

= Type 942cc air-cooled 4-stroke, V-twin, SOHC, 4-valve
= Bore x Stroke 85.0mm x 83.0mm
= Compression Ratio 9.0:1
= Fuel Delivery Fuel injection
= Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
= Transmission 5-speed; multiplate wet clutch
= Final Drive Belt

= Suspension / Front Telescopic fork, 5.3-in travel
= Suspension / Rear Single shock, 4.3-in travel
= Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 320mm
= Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 298mm
= Tires / Front 130/70-18M/C 63H
= Tires / Rear 170/70-16 M/C 75H
= Wheels 8-spoke cast

= Length 95.9 in
= Width 39.4 in
= Height 42.5 in
= Seat Height 26.5 in
= Wheelbase 66.3 in
= Rake (Caster Angle) 32.0°
= Trail 5.7 in
= Fuel Capacity 4.4 gal
= Fuel Economy** 47 mpg
= Wet Weight*** 613 lb

= Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

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