Tuesday, February 8, 2011

motorbikes singapore

So here’s the fun part, just what bike to get after passing my 2B license? After trolling the forums and checking out reviews, the choice was narrowed down, or I should say limited (in singapore) to these 3 choices. Dual purpose motorbikes promised fun and off road excitement!

2008 Yamaha TW200
Fat tires look cool! Of course depending on who you speak to. Seat is rather broad, so even though the seat height is only 790mm, expect to tip toe if you are less than 1.6m tall. Engine is rather loud with a throaty rumble.

2007 Honda XR125
With a seat height of 820mm, but because of a narrower seat than the TW200, it feels pretty much like the same height. Start the engine, and it purrs ever so silently (for a bike lah)! Which to me is a good thing since more noise doesn’t necessary equate to more power. Comes in Black/Red, White/Black, and Red/Black. Probably more suitable for trail rides than the TW200 which was designed more as a beach bike.

2008 Suzuki DR200
Suzuki distributor in Singapore didn’t bring it in, only available via parallel import, so I never got to see it in real life. The 2008 model looks pretty good in comparison to it’s previous blue and yellow versions.


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