Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Honda CBR250R 2011

New Honda CBR250RNew Honda CBR250R

JAKARTA (dp) - PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will certainly come to sell all-new Honda CBR250R to Indonesia today, Wednesday (27/10), launched in Bangkok, Thailand. The assurance was conveyed directly AHM Executive Vice President Johannes Loman told

Loman did not want to specify the CBR250R specification that will be sold in the country. When asked about the latest CBR250R price range, Loman also reluctant to give answers. "Yes, the plan will be marketed in Indonesia," Loman said in a brief message to

Like Japan, India, Europe and Australia, Indonesia will import directly from Thailand CBR250R.

According to report contributor in Thailand, Komar Johari, Honda CBR250R which will be marketed starting in November 2010 sold for 100,000 baht (approximately USD 30 million).

This price is valid for the standard model in Thailand that are not equipped with technological features of C-ABS (Combined ABS). who tried to contact the General Manager of Marketing Planning & Analysis, AHM Augustine Indraputra to inquire about price and specification CBR250R, so far has not received an answer.

However, as reported by Honda of Japan today, the CBR250R will be sold with various specifications according to each country market.

In Japan alone CBR250R will carry the new engine, liquid cooled 250cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, DOHC 1-cylinder. This engine is claimed to have penetrated the standard Euro 3 emission limits.

Like the latest motors other Honda, CBR250R will also be equipped with PGM-FI technology, a fuel supply control system of electronic injecsi. Even the exhaust pipes have also been planted catalis as CO2 sensors.

Meanwhile, in the areas of safety, the CBR250R has mengobinasi Combined ABS braking system (Anti-Lock Brake System). Features C-ABS is the first to motor sport in the 250cc class. Unfortunately, Thailand's version does not apply these advanced features.

Combined ABS itself promises a stability when the rider wants to do the braking. Moreover, this system combined with the technology involved Combined Brake System (CBS), an anti-locking system on the front and rear brakes.

When the price CBR250R for the Indonesian market is set at around Rp 30 million, then it is probable that this Honda sport bike could crush Kawasaki Ninja 250R popularity that currently is cool to play alone. To note, in Thailand a Kawasaki Ninja 250R is priced 120,000 baht (approximately USD 36 million).


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