Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Few Things I’ve learned about Motorcycling

Classic chopper v-twinImage by GmanViz via Flickr
I have compiled a list of a few things I’ve learned while commuting back and forth to work and taking several longer trips in the short amount of time I have been riding. Not in any particular order;

Gasoline fueled V-Twin motorcycles will not run without gas.

Even light sprinkles of rain sting bare skin at 80 mph.

If you don’t know where your horn button is you might hit your high beam switch instead.

On a 40 degree day the wind chill at 80 mph makes it feel like 23 degrees.

Metal storm grates are slick as ice when they are wet.

If you forget to turn your fuel cut off back on your bike will stall about two blocks from your house.

Non-waterproof shoes, your socks, and feet will be completely soaked after riding in the rain even with a rain suit on.

Yes, motorcycles do make you invisible.

It is not safe to talk on a cell phone while riding, (no Bluetooth).

Even if a cage drivers does see you they do not consider you a large enough threat and will still pull into your lane running you off the road.

Most cage drivers do not look before changing lanes.

The loudest decibel horn cannot be heard inside a closed cage with the radio on.

You cannot trust gas station nozzle pumps to stop in time.

At night in a hard rain with clear ridding glasses on you cannot see the lines on the freeway.

When passing or being passed by large trucks in the rain you cannot see anything for a few seconds.

Goggles are better than glasses on a windy day.

If you do not secure your saddlebag lid down you will loose things while riding.

If you think there is a chance of rain and put on your rain suit it will not rain.

If you think there is a chance of rain and do not put your rain suit on it will rain.

In winter without proper gloves your hands will get cold and stiff even on a short ride.

Animals will run out in front of you at the most inopportune time.

You will not notice that your mirrors are not aimed properly until you are already underway.

Unless you have ABS your brakes can and will lock up when pushed hard enough.

It is a lot harder to stabilize a motorcycle at a stop riding two up.

You can get sunburned just as easily riding a motorcycle as not.

People give you strange looks when you are wearing leathers.

It is hard to get things out of your front pockets wearing chaps.

No matter how long you sit at some stop lights on a bike they just won’t turn green.

The more chrome you have the longer it takes to clean your bike.

No matter how fast you are riding there is always another motorcycle going faster.

Not everyone on two wheels waves back.

Even other motorcyclists think you are crazy when you ride all the time.

Parts of your motorcycle will vibrate loose and sometimes you may loose parts of your bike while riding.

Different parts of your body can get tired and sore on long rides.

A leg cramp while riding a bike is a pain in the rear.

Aside from shaving your head there is no sure cure for helmet hair.

Don't ask me how I know....

Ride on,


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