Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the MINI E Scooter Concept

MINI has just officially revealed not one, but two of its MINI Scooter E Concepts that will officially debut at the Paris Auto Show next week. Created to bring together a youth-oriented lifestyle element and sustainable mobility, the scooters take significant design cues from the MINI lineup of cars while using a lithium-ion battery pack to deliver guilt-free mobility.

Making the MINI E Scooter Concept almost excessively hip is its smartphone integration, where the owner’s iPod or similar device acts as the actual key for the scooter, clicking into a central docking station between the handlebars. When in motion, the smartphone can even be used as a navigation system, music system or as a telephone thanks to an integrated wireless Bluetooth interface.

As for the style, both models shown are undeniable MINI, with chrome accents and both lights and mirrors designed directly from the MINI lineup of cars. Plus, there’s the large central speedometer where the smartphone docks.

As mentioned, two models will be shown in Paris, the first being a two-seater yellow model designed to showcase the features of the scooter, while the second model is a single-seater designed to show-off the sportier lifestyle side of the vehicle with British Racing Green paint and distressed brown leather – how very British.

For more on the MINI Scooter E Concept, check out more pictures and the full press release below the jump


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