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MotoGP, Motorcycle Racing World's Most Prestigious

MotoGP, Motorcycle Racing World's Most Prestigious
Grand Prix Motorcycle refers to the top class of motor racing, currently divided into three different engine classes: 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP (800cc-for the 2007 season.) Motors used in MotoGP is made specifically for motor racing, and not sold to the public. This is in contrast with several race categories of production, such as World Superbike, which melombakan modified version of the motors that are available to the public. MotoGP aired on Trans7 since 2002 till now
Unlike MotoGP and SuperbikeThe first difference which lies in the characters used motorcycle racing. In the MotoGP machines that use to race the prototype machine with a capacity of 800 cc. So the machines are in use in MotoGP is a machine that is not in mass production which created specifically for the race that later can be applied on a machine that will be sold free. While the race bikes by using machines in mass production and sold freely on the market (at least 3,000 units in the 2010 season) with a capacity for 4-cylinder 1000cc, 1200cc for 2 cylinders.
Although the allowed change or remodel several motor components in order to be faster. But in suberbike there are many regulations that restrict changes example engine cover must not be replaced, the framework should not be touched, and all replacement parts used in Superbike should be available in the market.
This makes the rate of speed (Top Speed) from MotoGP still faster than the Superbike despite engine capacity that is in use is smaller when compared with the Superbike. Because of free expression in the MotoGP technicians to make the vehicle speed becomes faster. They only limit the number of security-related regulations MotoGP racer.
Besides, in terms of machinery, other differences can also be viewed in terms of participants. In the Superbike participants can make a team without the support of the factory moto manufacturers. Participants only need to buy a motorcycle from a dealer, then register at the race manager, FG Sport.
While in the MotoGP race team participants must have the support of a motorcycle factory. Even as they contain a very high technology motorcycles in use by a MotoGP team can not be owned by the team. When the racing season is completed should be returned to the factory. The same rule applies to satellite teams. In fact, They were required to pay the rent for a machine MotoGP race in a season at a cost of between 1.5 to 2 million U.S. dollars. Surely strict requirements.
Another difference is in terms of implementation of the race. In the course of the MotoGP race in one series is held only once while in WSBK held twice. Apart from some fundamental differences are still many other differences that make them into fun for the watch. Another difference between the WSBK and MotoGP is like the amount of gasoline, weight machines and others.
Motor racing world championship for the first time organized by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), in 1949. At that traditionally have been held several races at each event for different classes of motors, based on engine capacity, and classes for sidecars (motorcycles bersespan). The classes that exist when it is 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 350cc, and 500cc motor for single seater, as well as 350cc and 500cc for motorcycle sidecars. Entering the 1950s and throughout the 1960s, 4-stroke motorcycle engines dominate the entire class. In the late 1960's, 2-stroke motorcycle engine began to master the small classes. In the 1970's 2-stroke motorcycle engine completely get rid of 4 stroke engines. In 1979, Honda tried to restore the engine 4 is not in the top class by lowering the motor NR500, but this project failed, and in 1983 Honda victory even with his 2-stroke 500cc motor. In 1983, finally abolished the 350cc class. 50cc class was replaced by a 80cc class in 1984, but classes are often dominated by riders from Spain and Italy was finally abolished in 1990. Class sidecars also disappear from the world championships in the 1990's, leaving the 125cc, 250cc, and 500cc classes.
GP 500, which became the top class of Grand Prix motor racing, has changed dramatically in 2002. From the mid-1970s to 2001 the top class of GP racing and is restricted to 4 cylinder 500cc engine capacity, both types of engine 4 stroke or 2 stroke. As a result, are able to survive is a 2-stroke engine, which incidentally produces power and greater acceleration. In 2002 to 2006 for the first time the manufacturer is allowed to enlarge the capacity of a special machine to machine to a maximum of 4 stroke 990cc, and 800cc at the turn into the 2007 season. Manufacturers are also given the freedom to choose the number of cylinders that are used between three to six with a certain weight limit. With motor permissibility cc 4 stroke air-large, the GP 500 class renamed to MotoGP. After 2003 no longer exists 2-stroke engine that fell in the MotoGP class. For 125cc and 250cc classes in particular are still using 2-stroke engine.
Race for the MotoGP class is currently held as many as 17 series in 15 different countries (Spain held a 3 series race). Racing usually held every weekend by some stage. Friday free practice and held the first official practice, then on Saturday performed the second official practice and QTT, in which the drivers try to make the record the best time to determine their starting position. Own race was held on Sunday, although there was a series that was held Saturday is in the Netherlands and Qatar. Grid (row starting position) consists of 3 racers perbaris and usually every racing series was followed by about 20 racers. Racing was conducted over approximately 45 minutes and the drivers racing along a specified number of rounds, without going to pit to change tires or refuel. Racing will be repeated in case of a fatal accident at the beginning of the race. The composition of the grid is not changed according to qualifying results. Drivers may enter the pit if only to replace the motor because of rain during the race.
Organizations in MotoGP
MotoGP Race Success can not be separated from the organizations involved in it Several organizations joined in the commission of the Grand Prix, among others, FIM, Dorna, IRTA and MSMA.
FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) is the highest body in the world to take care of things around the motorcycle. FIM established in 1904 is not only take care of motor racing, but also became superintendent of production bikes that are sold mass, particularly about the safety and feasibility. In the ordinary motor racing, FIM is the agency in charge of and responsible about the regulatory and technical implementation of the race, also on the status, extent, and the criteria of a motor racing championship.
Dorna is MotoGP race organizers organization, or in other words is a promoter Dorna MotoGP championship. Dorna is responsible for the quality of events and also take care of event sponsors.
IRTA (International Road Racing Team Association), a member of this organization consists of teams who follow the MotoGP race. This organization serves to channel the aspirations of the team and the drivers are incorporated in it. With this organization the drivers to provide input and determine the rights and interests, including contract value, safety and feasibility of the circuit.
MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacturer Association) is an organization composed in MotoGP from the motor manufacturers who follow the MotoGP championship, such as Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and other manufacturers. The function of this organization, among others, decided to technical regulations regarding the regulation of motor along with other organizations that joined in the commission of the Grand Prix.
Career Drivers
There penjenjangan career for the drivers who fall in the motor racing world, if a racer is accomplished he will be recruited by a team that is next from the 125cc class, 250cc class, then the top class of MotoGP. Drivers who fall in the 125cc class itself comes from drivers who excel at regional or national championships in their respective countries, such as the All Japan road racing in Japan, or European championships.
The rider who fell at the top of the MotoGP class coming from a few championships. Apart from the 250cc class like Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, Daniel Pedrosa, there are also drivers who come from the AMA Superbike like Nicky Hayden, of the British Superbike such as Shane Byrne, as well as from the World Superbike Noriyuki Haga, Colin Edwards, Troy Bayliss, Neil Hodgson , Ruben Xaus and Chris Vermeulen. Many of the drivers that come from these bikes can not be separated from changes in the top class GP bike that allows the use of 4 stroke 990cc motorcycle engine in 2002, after previously only 2-stroke 500cc engine that may be used.
Event Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Championship (RBMRC) is a talent show for the forerunner of MotoGP racer. Need to pass a test riders eligible for the academy candidate MotoGP racer. This race was held to find a young driver who wants to MotoGP. Because they are having trouble finding young drivers. 
Actually FIM and Dorna to give an important requirement to join the GP racers Indonesia. They hope the driver was not under contract with the motor manufacturer.
Money matters are important in MotoGP racing. But if we have taken this route is easier because many teams looking for GP125 or GP250 racer in this event. For example Stefan Bradl and Bradley Smith who graduated from Red Bull Rookies.
MotoGP rider Terms
Character Drivers
Character or special advantage is the most important factor in efforts to become a champion racer. Generally, every champion of the world has its own characteristics that do not usually do not have other racers. as an example of MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi is known as 6 times a Fighter. Because he likes to fight a duel aliases. This makes Rossi as a driver who has a skill above rata2 other racers. If you do not have such skills could be a character Daredevil rossi alias is an alternative to other desperate, it seems like the way the race was conducted by Casey Stoner. 2007 world champion was proving that he is the only one who can match the skill Valentino Rossi.
Alon Rider, aka the drivers who chose to play safe can also be an interesting reference. This is implemented by Mick Doohan and now Nicky Hayden. Although slightly different from the Doohan who tend to drive safely in the first position, Nicky tend to prefer to play safe in the position to the second or third.
Great skill but not as well supported by qualified motor lie! This is evidenced by the destruction of Rossi's accomplishments in 2006 and 2007. Yet when Yamaha's Rossi managed to fulfill the desire, So surely achievement terdongkrak Rossi back in the 2008 season all riders yamaha ini.Bahkan also ketiban windfall.
Motor qualified but can not have the same naikin! This will haunted Ducati Corse. In addition to this stoner is not no other Ducati riders are able to maximize the performance of Ducati. Consequently when the stoner look bad, too bad Ducati appearance.
Ban The Great
It turns out that many drivers who chose transmigrated to Bridgestone from Michelin feels really good decisions. Even Rider caliber Rossipun feel unable to optimize the performance of the Yamaha if you are taking an Michellin tire. The same is also followed by Honda rider Dani Pedrosa. But strangely unlike Rossi, Pedrosa, why not change it? Even Lorenzo faithful with Michellin even manages to look better.
Drivers Into Two
Drivers' second function is to provide input to the team in making motors settings. The second rider also plays a major role in helping the main drivers collect points for the team and constructor. The second rider also plays a major role in layering the main driver if the concerned look bad.
Again we see the domination of Yamaha this year. The dominance of forgot who the drivers will feel menganak tirikan utamanya.Yamaha racer racer Mainly just because the President will Hijrah to Ducati. As with last year's champion - Ducati. The second rider would have no role at all. Even the existence of the season Melandri is arguably a formality for ducati.
Strange case of repeated in Repsol Honda. They always confusion determine who the first and second drivers. Pedrosa is already won 6 championship series. But Hayden is the champion of the world 2006. Repsol also menganak tirikan Hayden on the basis of nationality. The tip of the tip instead of achievement that terdongkrak but the one who exploded Conflict
Great skill, great Guts and supported motorcycle racer Great is the key to success. It is rarely possessed by each racer. But for Darryl Beattie, Max Biaggi, Loris Cappirosi and Sette Gibernau it can not bring them into world champions. Runner-up or rank to three final standings are best resumes them. Either engine trouble in the crucial race weekend or at the time led the race was hit by a barrage of bad luck is that they always stay away from the title of world champion.
Alex Criville and Hayden is not very hebat2 drivers. But they were lucky, when Doohan retired, Rossi is in trouble, Capirossi and Gibernau injury plus where Stoner and Pedrosa no ass what he performed consistently and managed to become world champion.
Any regulations regarding each race class is formed by the FIM as an organization authorized to do so. FIM form and issued new regulations that are considered in accordance with the development race. At the beginning of the new MotoGP era in 2002, 2-stroke motorcycle engine 500cc and 990cc 4 stroke is allowed to be used in racing. Virulence of power from the motor 4 stroke engine which outperformed 2-stroke motorcycle engine to get rid of all 2-stroke engine of competition, and the next seasons racing there is no longer used 2-stroke motor.
In 2007, FIM will impose new regulations that the MotoGP bikes will be limited to 800cc 4 stroke. The reason given by the reduction of engine cylinder capacity is to increase the security of drivers, given the power and speed of the resulting peak MotoGP machines has increased dramatically since 2002. MotoGP current speed record is 347.4 km / h which are printed by Loris Capirossi on Ducati motorcycles circuit with Catalunya, Barcelona in 2004. As a comparison, the current F1 speed record is 369.9 km / h which are printed by Antonio Pizonia with BMW car, at Monza in 2004.
The decision to limit the choice of engine capacity to 800cc (rather than with other methods of power restrictions, such as reducing the number of gear transmission is permitted) according to observers Honda MotoGP is very profitable. Honda uses the five-cylinder engine, and only need to reduce one cylinder to fix their machines to match the new regulations, while other manufacturers have to redesign all of their machines. Restricted to 800cc also caused controversy that seems current motors used in the 1000cc Superbike championship to be the fastest in the motor racing circuits around the world.
Machines used in the 125cc class is limited as much as a single cylinder and with a minimum weight of 80 kilos, while the 250cc class is limited to two cylinders with a minimum weight of 100 kilograms.
Motor-bike for the MotoGP class is allowed to use the machine with the number of cylinders between three to six cylinders, and there are variations in the weight restrictions depending on the number of cylinders used. This is due to an engine with more cylinders, the power generated is also greater, and increased weight limits. In 2006, the machines used in MotoGP are four-and five-cylinder engine. Honda uses the five-cylinder, while Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, and Suzuki use a four-cylinder.
Motors are used in motor Grandprix made not only to race, but also as an arena show of force and technological progress among manufacturers. As a result all MotoGP machines made by using a very expensive material and as light as titanium, and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. Motors are also using technology that is not available for public consumption, for example, is a sophisticated electronic devices including telemetry, engine management systems, traction control, carbon disc brakes, and modern engine technology adopted from the F1 car engine technology.
If the motors used in the MotoGP class only competed at the world championships, motors used in the 125cc and 250cc classes are relatively more affordable. The price of a more or less the same 125cc motor with a car. These motors are often used in a national motor racing championships around the world.
One of several key challenges faced by drivers and engineers MotoGP MotoGP bike is how to deliver exceptional engine power - more than 240 hp (179 kW), through point contacts of two tires and asphalt surface with a circuit width is only about the human arm. As a comparison, F1 cars generate more than 950 hp (700 kW) but with four tires, so has its point of contact with the asphalt surface ten times wider than a MotoGP bike.
Machine specifications

* Configuration: 4-cylinder v (MotoGP Class), 2-cylinder (class 250 cc and 125 cc).
* Capacity: 800 cc (Class MotoGP), 600 cc (Moto class 2), 125 cc (125 cc class).
* Valves: 16-valve (MotoGP), 8-valve (250 cc, 125 cc).
* Working valve DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder (MotoGP), 2-valves per cylinder (250 cc, 125 cc).
* Fuel: Without lead (no fuel control), 100 octane.
* Fuel Supply: Fuel injection.
* Aspiration: Aspiration normal.
* Power: About - about 250 or 225 hp.
* Lubrication: Wet.
* Maximum / minimum engine speed: 17,500 to 18,000 rotations per minute.
* Cooling: Single water pump.
Recent regulatory changes
In 2005, a new rule for MotoGP was enacted that flag-to-flag. Previously, if a race starts with a start in the dry circuit conditions and the rain fell, leading drivers to raise their hands to stop the race, so also with the official red flag to stop the race, then the race begins again with wet tires. Now if the rain fell during the race there was no red flag, the drivers directly into the pit to change tires at the discretion of the team.

* In 2007, the MotoGP class derived engine capacity, a 800cc.
* In 2010, imposed restrictions on the MotoGP class machines for 1 season 6 engine.
* In 2010, the 250cc class Moto2 replaced with 4 stroke 600cc prototype machine


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