Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bautista Ready for Comeback in Estoril

The recovery process Alvaro Bautista endured injuries that take place smoothly. Suzuki rider from Spain was ready to re-appear at the Portugal Grand Prix this weekend.

There is no name in the early Bautista MotoGP series this season. Injuries suffered by the Spanish rider kept him out in two earlier series.

Bautista is now ready to return to enliven competition pole. Suzuki rider was declared ready to perform for the Grand Prix of Portugal at Estoril this weekend.

"I've worked very hard to be precise with the time of his comeback race at Estoril and I am sure I can take part in the race later. I understand the process is indeed heavy, but I think I can get back nyetel with the motor and it will help me process the total recovery live and return to normal fitness, "Bautista straightforward as quoted by Autosport.

Bautista underwent three surgeries to restore his femur broke. Currently he has entered the final phase in the rehabilitation phase and begin the preparatory stage of physical condition.

Drivers 26 years, said that he was diving sport swimming, cycling, and also for his physical fitness to regain enough strength to melakoni race.

"The race will be hard but I would really focus in order to spur the GSV-R in Portugal, that's what my main goal at this time. Yes we'll see what kind of development and take a first step today," lugasnya.

If the physical condition of Bautista was not yet ready to perform, then the tester Nobuatsu Aoki Suzuki prepares to go down at Estoril.


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