Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Honda EV Electric Moped Prototype, 2004

Honda EV Electric Moped Prototype, 2004

With a length of 1,290 mm and weighing 44 kg, the Moped-EV is compact and light. Its nickel hydrogen battery, located inside an aluminum frame, is extremely light, dissipates heat efficiently, and, at 360 watt-hours, offers exceptionally long life. Powerful enough to climb a twelve-degree incline, the electric moped offers performance comparable to that of an internal combustion engine bike of the same class.
Unlike most other bikes, which employ a grip throttle, the Moped-EV features a two-stage lever throttle located beneath the right handlebar. Worked easily by the thumb, the lever throttle helps make riding easy even for less-experienced riders.

The Moped-EV features a unified module in the rear swing arm that integrates the motor with a controller, which regulates the driving functions and the discharge and recharging of electricity.

The Honda has long conducted research into the development of next-generation power sources that reduce noxious emissions and help slow global warming. In 1994, Honda developed the CUV ES, an electric scooter leased to government institutions. Following in the tracks of that revolutionary vehicle, the Moped-EV is designed to offer quiet, clean riding both for commuting and recreational use


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