Friday, April 8, 2011

Husqvarna SMQ Concept, 2009

Husqvarna SMQ Concept, 2009


SMQ – A New Concept of Bike
SMQ basic idea is to give birth to a complete new kind of motorcycle.

Exciting and easy to ride, with great handling and excellent manoeuvrability, incredibly light and fun.
Everyone will enjoy riding the SMQ, thanks to its low seat c.g. (center of gravity), tight body and power-toweight ratio.

Clear and crisp architecture. Rigorous design are tell-tale of Husqvarna lineage, whereas a well balanced mix of vintage flavour and modern technology praise the model with a “vintech” look together with a naughty character.
Shapes elegance, sensuous bodywork, details and finishing makes it 100 percent an Italian design product.


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