Monday, January 24, 2011

Ducati Streetfighter

The prospect of a 155hp 1099cc engine derived from the 1098 superbike in an upright, naked chassis got pulses racing. So when the new Streetfighter was announced, it raised plenty of eyebrows. However, Ducati offers more civilized transport if you’re not looking for a track-day weapon, and its Monster family has a loyal legion of fans.

They can be uncomfortable on long journeys and the underseat exhausts can roast your thighs. Certainly, the current 1098/1198/848 generation of superbikes require a level of commitment other machines don’t demand. These red Italian machines are simply boulevard poseurs; in most cases they’re hardcore, uncompromising track machines. The brand captures a high-performance exotic mystique like no other, and backs it up with some of the best motorcycles money can buy. For anybody contemplating a European motorcycle, Ducati is probably top of your wish list.


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