Saturday, January 29, 2011

Latest 223cc Bike From Hero Honda Review

The Hero Honda Karizma Fi is one bike that is set to rule the high end Indian bike market. Hero Honda is the biggest Indian bike manufacturer and there is no doubt that their flagship model Karizma needs an upgrade to Fi engine. College guys have improved their student status, high end bikers have relished it revving to high RPMs and office commuters have enjoyed its smooth engine for long rides.
Karizma is a great bike, I have been riding it for several years. I have used it on long roads and also city traffic. The new Karizma Fi will be a performance uplift for the hard earned brand. Hero Honda would have paid a huge sum to its brand ambassador we see often in the ads.
Fi engine has been featured lately in bikes such as Pulsar 220, Apache RTR and Glamour. Eventhough the engine capacity is the same, the ignition and fuel flow makes a difference. This technology gives better pickup and more mileage because the fuel is burned effectively without any wastage.

If you are planning to buy Pulsar 220 or the Yamaha R15, you may want to wait for the Karizma Fi 223cc bike to show up in the markets. Visit your local city showroom or subscribe to one of the bike news blogs to stay informed about the launch. Go and grab a test drive as soon as it shows up. I guarantee that Hero Honda will not disappoint you with the Karizma Fi, they definitely cannot sit and watch the sales figures hit the roof tops for Yamaha and Bajaj.

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