Sunday, January 23, 2011


The dimension of the KTM The engine of KTM RC8 is also enabled with the latest and advanced technology, which will provide the quick and maximum pick up with the acceleration wit in a few seconds through which users can get the real pleasure of riding on road. The engine of KTM RC8 is very powerful engine of four strokes and its engine can produce the maximum power up to 175 bhp and the maximum torque is 127 Nm at the 8000 rpm. The brand new KTM RC8 has the advanced technology based engine of 999 CC with the technology of liquid cooling.

The KTM manufacturing company is guessing a lot for this bike that it can compete with the leading superbikes companies like Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Ducati and Yamaha. The brand new KTM RC8 is the segment of superbikes and it is enabled with the enhanced powerful engine. This motor bike will can create the sensation in the automobile world. The brand new KTM RC8 will be available in the domestic market of India very soon. The partner of the KTM manufacturing company is Bajaj Auto.

One of the leading automobile companies of India is collaborated with the KTM manufacturing companies to lunch this innovative motor bike in the domestic automotive market of India. Now all the Indian fan of motorbikes can enjoy the riding of superbikes. Now, KTM, a motor bike manufacturing company, is going to introduce a latest model of motor bike, named as KTM RC8. KTM is one of the most popular manufacturing companies of superbikes.


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