Friday, January 7, 2011

1927 Model 25 Norton replica

This Norton was sold several years ago by Yesterdays; who knows more about it? The engine is an early unit, note that the cam chest is still split in two at the height of the oilpump. A striking feature is the large sprint-type petrol tank; originally it may have been fitted with a flat tank fitted in between the upper frame tubes. It may have been a racer, note the Sturmey Archer 'box without a kickstart.

Not that easy to explain is the left-hand crankcase half marked 79x120 which would identify the engine as a 588cc unit; did Norton ever make 588cc versions of the Model 25? Further, M25s usually had a framelug carrying the magneto support bracket that wraps fully around the frametube; this one looks like the Model 18 type to me.

A very nice bike that looks quite a bit like this 1926 TT racer; is it an original or was it pieced together from parts laying around; and does it matter?

Simon: "Almost certainly built up by Stefan Knittell several years ago.  The tanks are replica 1926 TT pannier tanks" 

Roger: "It has the wrong oil tank mounts, for the M25 they should be brazed rather than clamped to the downtube. Pat Driscoll's 1925 TT 588cc engine had the integral oil pump"


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