The Benelli TNT’s 1130cc in-line DOHC triple motor oozes torque, slamming some 86ft lb through its rear tyre, making overtakes on this motorcycle a cinch in any gear and it’ll pull cleanly from as little as 2000rpm in top.  Allied to a smooth gearbox you can wring some 118 rear wheel bhp from the Benelli TNT – if you can hang on. From 2005 the Benelli TNT motorcycle range was fitted with switchable engine mapping.
Reliability on this motorcycle has occasionally been an issue, with electrics shouldering most of the blame, but new Benelli TNT motorcycles come with a two-year warranty and breakdown assistance.
Despite its lack of adjustment the Benelli TNT handles extremely well. It’s a composed, agile and well balanced motorcycle, with real flickability thanks to those wide bars. The Benelli TNT has very poor steering lock, which makes turning the motorcycle around in Britain’s narrow streets a pain. Great Brembo brakes are very reassuring, but high pegs will cramp your legs on longer rides if you’re an above average height biker.
For this kind of motorcycle you’re always going to have to pay a bit more – more to buy it and more to run it. But the Benelli TNT’s scarcity on British roads will keep the residuals high, too, so you shouldn’t lose too much on your Benelli TNT, certainly it’ll be no worse than motorcycles like the Ducati Monster S4R.
Benelli can supply a suspension adjustment kit, soft luggage, carbon fibre wheels and hugger and a bespoke cover for the TNT should you so wish.