Big Benellis have rasping in-line-three-cylinder engines and the Tre K is no different. Its 1030cc motor is also used in the Café Racer, TNT and Tornado but for the Tre K is retuned for mid-range usability. As well as making a beautiful high-pitched racket like a NASCAR on helium when you thrash it, there’s a nice spread of usable power right through the rev-range too.
There are plenty of nice touches on the Benelli Tre K such as a beautifully made tubular steel frame and swingarm, the styling is funky and quality items like Marzocchi forks, Brembo brakes and an Extreme Tech rear shock come as standard. With new management, a new UK importer and stricter quality control, Benelli is addressing reliability problems of old.
One of the things that makes the Benelli Tre K so good is its versatility on the road. An upright riding position, soft suspension, comfy seat and decent wind protection make it easy to live with but it also rewards when you want to play. The Benelli Tre K’s supple suspension offers lots of control and the chassis won’t go all wobbly at the knees during bouts of hard riding.
Costing £8349 the Benelli Tre K is a lot of bike for the money. It’s fun, easy to ride and versatile; the badge on the tank adds extra kudos too. This could be the bike that takes Benelli forward into the 21st Century.
Standard fare is on par with the Benelli Tre K’s closest rival: the Ducati Multistrada. There are no real juicy gadgets or ABS but you get a decent half-fairing with adjustable screen to keep off windblast on long journeys, and there are panniers and sat nav available as options.