Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Honda CBF 1000 Beautifull Review:)

The new 2010 Honda CBF1000 takes the CBF ethos of versatile motorcycling enjoyment another step further. Its styling is compact and more sporty with improved ergonomic design. Its power provides flexibility and easy handling as well as impressive reliability and fuel economy. Combined ABS is available as an option. The CBF1000 also offers a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger, and can be purchased with a choice of panniers as standard.
The CBF1000 was developed to be a sporty performer that would lead its class in stylish practicality and usable power. Its versatility takes the CBF concept to another level. Its specialities are not just adjustable components and handling that easily adapts to the rider’s skill level; but an impressively linear delivery that provides the powerthe rider wants exactly when it’s needed. Quick cross-city errands are made easy with strong, sporty acceleration that gets the rider out in front of traffic queues. Out-of-town cruising with a passenger and luggage aboard is a smooth, comfortable experience, while sportier solo rides are fun and exhilarating.
With a new aluminium frame, the CBF1000 is agile, lightweight and easy to handle. A single muffler enhances its sporty looks. Those moving up from a mid-displacement bike or re-entry riders will find it delightfully easy to ride. Seasoned bikers looking for a power-packed all-rounder will be inspired by its precise performance characteristics, luxurious styling and comfort. For anyone looking for a high-quality, high-value Honda experience,the CBF1000 is a perfect fit.
The elegant styling of the CBF1000 expresses its big-bike performance capabilities without overstating them. Its smooth lines and surfaces emphasise its aerodynamic proficiency. The immediate focus of attention is its sculpted half fairing. Its proportions are designed to provide a superior degree of wind protection at high speed as well as excellent manoeuvrability.


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