Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazing Ducati at EICMA 2010 Review

As usual the Ducati presented their models to the international press a day early on the opening cn Eicma 2010. In the historical setting of the Teatro Carcano, The entire management Ducati, led by Gabriele Del Torchio, Raised the veil on one of the most talked about news in recent months, the Diavel. But Ducati in Milan has not only led the Diavel, but also a new version of the Monster 1100 Ages defined.
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The speech by the President Del Torchio that he wished to remember when it was introduced four years ago, the strategic plan of the Ducati brand, which was considered by many too optimistic. “Ducati is a premium brand, it has been in the past and we intend to remain so in the future – Said Del Torchio – . In 2007, we declared that we would produce 11 new models, and three years later we have come to propose on the market 12, so we went beyond expectations. We do not have diverted resources to the product, we have invested in quality to improve customer satisfaction, the results are really significant. The number of complaints per bike is in fact improved by 57% and is an excellent result for us, but we have yet to tackle the growing competition in Japan. One way in which Ducati is unique is the “emotional quality” which for us is based on Authenticity, Italian and Performance, Which are our assumptions of today and tomorrow. We worked a lot on corporate identity, investing in our sales network, especially abroad, given that 75% of our product goes abroad. In a market that is shrinking tremendously, Ducati has nearly doubled its market share in four years, and this should make us think positively. On balance, the Ducati is closing the year with an encouraging sales growth of 5.3% and much of this success is due to the Multistrada 1200, has been sold well in 7563 Unit.
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LIVE press conference Ducati at EICMA 2010_3Finally it’s time to see the most interesting feature of the year: Diavel. The bike riding on the scene with none other than Maddalena Corvaglia amid a blaze of light and sound. To describe it is Claudio Domenicali, Director of Product Ducati, which has submitted all the engineers and designers of the Development Team. “Diavel The frame is made of a steel trestle and back plates and light alloy rear frame engineering plastics. The swingarm is very long 635 mm so that the distance at almost 1,600 mm. We used suspensions ultraregolabili – Domenicali continued – and a high-performance braking system with monobloc Brembo calipers. The size of the rear rim is really a record for Ducati, since we chose a well-rim 8 inches channel. To achieve the right tire we received a great support from Pirelli has developed for us a new rear unprecedented dimensions of well- 240/45 x 17 “. Ergonomics is an all-new Ducati, with high handlebars and closer to the rider footboards and advanced than a naked. The saddle and is only 770 mm above the ground, made with 80 mm foam, ensures a high degree of comfort. We thought, however, also a passenger, since the saddle is very wide, its platforms are easy to remove thanks to the flush handle on the passenger sits comfortable Diavel. The power output, depending on the riding mode can go from 162 to 100 hpAnd selecting the various mappings is also affects the traction control. For the first time on a Ducati, we have two gauges, the second of which is a panel TFT active matrix color from which you can select all the information on riding mode and the electronic engine management. The engine is therefore the same as the Multistrada 1200 but using a different exhaust system we have brought power to 162 hp without losing anything in delivery.
Among other innovations, 2011, we could not forget the Monster. As you can see the Monster family is enriched with the arrival of the new 1100 version of Ages The bike can boast of well- 100 hp, Thus constituting the first model Ducati two-valve to stay within the limit of 100 hp. The Monster 1100 Evo also stands for the equipment which includes the Traction Control DTC ’sABS and a new ergonomics, with handlebars raised by 20 mm. The exhaust system now goes to the side of the engine as well as the two terminals are superimposed on Streetfighter. This has also led the renovation of the platforms of the passenger, no longer block with those of the pilot, but separate and attached to the rear subframe. The engine is the same used on the Hypermotard 1100 Evo, but due to the discharge reaches the hundred horsepower at 7,500 rpm with maximum torque of 10.5 kgm available from low revs.


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