Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Roehr 1250 sc Review

This superbike is powered by a special version of the incomparable Harley-Davidson* Revolution* engine 180hp of supercharged American Muscle, Innovative BiMetal composite beam frame,Sleek European flavor design,BiMetal composite frame Computer aided design, engineered for maximum rigidity and light weight, providing ultimate control and stability. Wheels and tires Forged aluminum wheels and Pirelli high performance tires provide low unsprung weight and the ultimate in street tire performance.Most likely the Roehr’s biggest disadvantage is the $42,500 price tag, but if we take in consideration the fact that this is a bike addressed to riders who will rather stay exclusive than simply go ahead to buy a Gixxer and join the club, we’re suddenly starting to look with different eyes at that sum.
2010 Roehr 1250 sc



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