Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Yamaha FZ8 Revuew:)

We had just saying yesterday, about the scoop of our colleagues in the press, that the dissemination of images “spy” in FZ8 and Fazer8 would have a some effect on the communication strategy of Yamaha. In fact here is that the House of Iwata, ahead of the previously fixed date of 12 March, shows the first official image of its new naked 800.

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_1

So we can now confirm that the new model is derived from the maxi naked FZ1 with which it shares chassis , suspension and engine, of course adapted to accommodate the reduction in displacement to 800 cc (for this purpose seems certain to reduce the bore at the same race).

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_2

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_3

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_4

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_5

Yamaha FZ8 first official image_6

The FZ8 is very nice, especially the front and buy new personality thanks to fairing more modern approach than that of his sister from 1,000 cc. The blue version of the photo will not be quite the only proposal, and certainly the presence of a beautiful white, so fashionable in the model year of the last years of a little ‘all manufacturers.

Engine, chassis, swingarm, rear subframe and muffler, is black, contrasting with the golden wheels and fork, with the collectors and the chrome shiny paint of the superstructure reasons that we believe may be maintained in the other color versions.

For now, technical data have been disseminated but compared to the 150 horsepower of the FZ1 you could expect a maximum output between 110 and 120 hp and torque at all comparable to that of the 1,000 cc engine from which the FZ8 is derived. Price? Assume no more than 8,000 Euro … the “viewfinder” is the leadership of the Kawasaki Z750!


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