Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Care for Motorcycle Tires

To get maximum performance and to maintain safety while driving, the tires should be treated properly. Here's a guide.
1. Use the right type of tire in accordance with the conditions of use, loading capacity and speed.
2. Tire pressure should be maintained as specified in the respective use. Although this is very important and easy thing to do, but many users who do not pay attention to motorcycles.
3. Sometimes there is a decrease of pressure disebabkanh by the valve and valve cap are not installed properly or are worn. Try to always put a valve in a clean condition of the dust and cover with lid .. Close appropriate valve valve will prevent the entry of dirt and also serves as additional insulation.
4. If you use tubeless tires (without tires), try to time replace it with a new tire, replace the nipple because the nipple also have O ring made of rubber which will change the nature of hardness and elasticity over time. O ring that has been used to harden saka crack causing leakage.
5. If you use a rim / wheel usually with the fingers, make sure the protective rubber rim in good condition. Rubber is rubber rim protector that functions line the inside rim that there is a knob head radius sehiingga keep the tires in order not to damage because they will bulge.
6. Worn tires will lose its ability both in durability and function traksinya. We recommend that tires be replaced if the tire has been living as deep as 0.8 mm. Do not wait tire completely bald.
7. It is recommended when replacing tires, tires also replaced simultaneously. Tires in the long-used, although has never leaked, already stretched, and if incorporated into the new tires may not fit so it is not functioning optimally. Ban also recommended to be replaced if it has too many patches.
8. Stel back wheel alignment every time the rear wheels removed for not having tire wear unevenly.
9. Berkendaralah well. Too often accelerates and also often make sudden braking aggravate tire work so that will reduce tire life.
10. If you have a tire that will not be directly used, save it in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and heat will accelerate the degradation of the quality of the rubber.
With a little more attention, is expected to get the optimum benefit of our motor.


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