Sunday, January 23, 2011

New 2011 Ducati 1198 SP Review

Ducati’s superbike series has been impressing over several generations, a concoction made even more desirable since the debut of the 1098/1198 series launched in 2007, later enlarged to 1198 potent cubic centimeters in 2009. Gorgeous, soulful and devilishly brutal, Ducati’s 1198 is a very special motorcycle.But for enthusiasts with deep pockets, especially aficionados of Italian bikes, the base 1198 mightnot be special enough. Enter the new-for-2011 premium Ducati Superbike, the 1198 SP.   
SP stands for Sport Production, which is nomenclature Ducati has used for decades to designate some of the high-end models in its superbike series. This lineage stretches back to the 851 SP which debuted in 1989. 





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