Thursday, January 6, 2011

one wheel motorcycle

One Wheel Motorcycle
 Billet motorcycle wheels let you finish that custom look for your ride. No longer do you customize your frame, tank, saddle - well, everything - and then have to stick those stock wheels back on your bike. The billet wheels for your motorcycle as an investment, but with the variety of looks and styles available, these are the final frontier in full customization to let you design the custom chopper of your dreams.
Most billet motorcycle wheels will bolt onto your bike without having to make any annoying modifications to the frame or fender. However, you should consider how much you are changing from the wheels you had in the past. For example, if you had a 16-inch wheel, and you want to go with a 21-inch billet wheel set, you can expect to have adjustments to make.
When you shop for billet motorcycle wheels, you'll want to determine if the models you find attractive require special brake set-ups or special pulleys. The motorcycle wheel manufacturer or sales location, whether online or local, can help you with this aspect of the selection.
You'll find billet motorcycle wheels available for every make and model of motorcycle and you can mount a wide range of tires on them. Avon's popular Venom X tires and their AM-23 are popular choices for mounting on billet wheels.

If you want a set of four-spoke billet motorcycle wheels, you can turn to Diamond Distributing for their Cutter design. They were first on the market with the four-spoker. Of course, other manufacturers have now come onboard with this design because of its popularity.
There are many other manufacturers you'll find that produce billet motorcycle wheels. The designs cover everything from simple to really radical. So, whatever you want in billet motorcycle wheels, you'll find it out there. Go ahead and enter that final frontier of customization and get the wheels that add the finishing touch.


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