Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shoulder Conditions Rossi continues Improved

Madonna In Campiglio - received good news about the development of the shoulder Ducati Valentino Rossi. The Italian rider now called the shoulder gradually improved and is predicted to be recovered while undergoing initial tests at Sepang next month.

Rossi finished last season ending surgery on his shoulder injury. But from the results of surgery were more severe injury and Rossi mengharusakan full during the winter break yesterday.

Indeed, until now Rossi is still in the healing process. But 31-year-old rider said activities held Ducati and Ferrari in the form of skiing and racing Go-Kart contest and the Fiat 500 has a part in accelerating the recovery of the shoulder.

In the contest, go-kart race held on Friday (14 / 1) and then, Rossi's success came in second place right behind the Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso.

"Playing ski really help me. I really need it over through the winter without doing anything," said Rossi told La Gazetta dello Sport quoted by Autosport.

"On one side of the spine I said 'You will not be able to do so. I can only do it for two laps only and it is enough," he continued.

"In the car easier to compare it with the go-kart. Shoulder pain only when the clash. I feel sick if I tried to lift my hand, but tida when driving or on skis," I Rossi.

But Rossi has not been able to lounge-inattentive because of the healing process must continue. Because in February tomorrow, Ducati will hold a three-day pre-season test at Sepang circuit. Rossi Healing course is expected to help prepare the team towards the new season.

"Within the next two weeks, I will train hard to be able to appear in top form at Sepang. Resilience is not the problem. What is needed is to improve the performance of hand movements, especially when I want to pick it up and when I drive a motorcycle," said champion duniat nine times that.

"I think what the doctors say. Over time, the healing will go quickly. So far everything on schedule, although in fact slightly faster. Let us hope this is all pretty," Rossi completed.


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