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Best 3 Custom concepts Honda USA Review

The project that led to the construction of these three bikes is very simple: the leaders of the Honda U.S. has a task assigned to three young designers: Nick Renner, Erik and Edward Dunshee Birtulescu, Department of R & D website California South. At each has been assigned the project to build a special series on a motorcycle, to be undertaken over a period of three months and a budget described as “limited”. Given the quality of its products, and components used, it occurs to me that the budget was not so narrowly accepted as stated by Honda. The three bikes are starting the 2010 versions of Fury, Stateline and Sabre, Three of which only the last custom is known in Italy under the name of VT1300CX, while the other two are as many versions of the VT1300 is not imported by us. Then we go to find out how the three designers who declined to better the task assigned.
 to better the task assigned.
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We start with the Fury furious Hardtail chopper, Created by Nick Renner. The starting point of this is the Chopper Fury that among the three bikes in question is the one with the most basic equipment Chopper. The bike won the original, in fact, only the engine and a few other accessories such as the tank. The chassis number has been replaced by a specially constructed large-diameter steel pipes with tilt steering tube flow 37 degrees (38 originally), but they become 45 ° with the adoption of offset plates. The rear of the frame is rigid And therefore has been eliminated throughout the suspension. The wheels are 23 inch front with a five-spoke design that recalls, even in color, the heads of the 52 ° V twin. Renner also made visible the transmission shaft, which was originally hidden in the arm swinging and created an exhaust system finished in matte black, with two overlapped terminals that run parallel to the frame. Nick was finally dedicated to paint an accurate Metal Flake tank and rear fender for a result to the nice view and light that the manufacturer has defined “Neoclassical”

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Moving on to the second realization coming from California, Stateline Slammer Bagger, built by Erik Dunshee on the basis of Stateline, the most road between the three versions of the VT1300 considered. This transformation followed the idea of preserving as many games as possible, motorcycle and give you an image of “Bagger” highly characteristic. And ‘why Dunshee has kept the frame, swingarm and tank of the bike series and has made changes to the chassis, but above all the aesthetics to add bags and windshield to Stateline. The bike was equipped with a air suspension both front and rear, so you can vary the height of the bike from the ground by 6 inches in the running position, in that down to 2.25 inches. The front wheel has been replaced by a 23 inch 14-spoke disc brake with single-and six-piston calipers. Erik has also built by himself all the fairing and bags, then painted in a nice two-tone colored satin and black pearl Black metallic. The equipment also provides for a multimedia system Pioneer with satellite navigation and audio system by a whopping 500 watts and 10-inch sub-woofer.
The latest concept created by Honda R & D is the Switchblade Sabre Pro Drag between us and all seems to even the most successful and most fascinating. The project is Edward Birtulescu which started with the Sabre 2010, completely transformed into a kind of cruiser-inspired racing. Birtulescu decided to save his budget did not change the frame that is left of the series, as well as engine and fuel tank. With the money saved, Edward was able to indulge in components, very refined. The front end, provides a 43 mm Öhlins fork plates mounted on Alu, dual front disc brakes with monoblock calipers Brembo Racing. The rear swingarm has been removed along with the shaft drive and built a swingarm steel. Edward has also changed the transmission output shaft on the motor to turn the final chain, which gives a look at motorcycle racing. The shock absorber has been replaced by a Öhlins TTX which dominates the center of the seat (we do not want to think about what is happening by taking a hole in speed.
For circles, the young designer Honda has chosen none other than a pair of wheels GMT Carbon fiber, 21-inch front and 18 “rear. The same material are built superstructures, a minimalist parafanghino, the tip under the engine and short tail. The exhaust system is in perfect style racing, with TIG welding and having a pair of very short terminal carbon fired up. Setting up a complete dashboard MXL AIM also equipped with data acquisition and GPS timing.


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