Saturday, May 14, 2011

French MotoGP ahead Rossi admits Ducati Still Far Behind

French Grand Prix will of note changed from a means of Valentino Rossi's comeback to Compete in the front row. After the first two free practice sessions, The Doctor did not deny That the Ducati is still lagging far behind.

There are up to one second time difference, Between the fastest Honda rider Rossi with the two free practice sessions held on Friday (13/05/2011) yesterday. That note so bad indication if the Italian manufacturer will from not be Able to Compete with the fastest bikes on the track.

Rossi even have to change the motor settings on the session to get better speed.

"Obviously these results are not positive for us. Firstly Because We needed the extra five minutes of exercise due to changes in the rear shock Gives me a better feeling but I Could only eat two laps. So maybe if there is an additional one or two more laps I Could improv record time and my position, "Rossi said in Autosport.

"However, We are still far behind Because We Are still struggling associated acceleration. Motornya moving much too nervous and I think We made ​​a mistake with the back. We are still Also Able to repair electronic systems. So We have to fix the problem Because I lost a lot of time, "beber uterus.

Related Rivalry on the track, Rossi did not deny That Honda is now in a position to lead. Speed ​​Honda calls even Better Than the motorcycle world champion, Yamaha.

"Differences impressive acceleration. Also Honda is Also a bike with a good set-up. Motornya stable, the same as the Yamaha, but with 20 more horsepower," said Rossi


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