Sunday, May 22, 2011

MeanStreet Riders

You have probably already read several motorcycle blogs talking about the MeanStreet Riders. Yes, there is a new band two wheelin’ onto the music scene and their making sparks and soon to be rising up the charts. The MeanStreet Riders, whose members are made up of motorcycle riders, enjoy making music about all aspects of riding.

MeanStreet Mary, the bands Social Media Publicist, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in listening to a pre-release demo of their up and coming new album being released June first. I love music so I jumped at the opportunity. The CD arrived in the mail in a few days.

You can read how the band was formed and their bios on their websites see the links at the end of this article. I would like to take the time here to talk about their music.

You cannot pigeonhole there music into one safe genre or make a comparison to one other single popular band. The closest I could come up with to maybe compare them to would be the Eagles.  Some of the songs have a definite Classic Rock style & sound and others have a more Modern Country or Americana type sound. You can hear all kinds of instruments in the MeanStreet Riders music from electric guitars to banjo. The vocals are solid with lots of harmony.

It’s hard to put the feelings of riding into words, let alone song, but the MeanStreet Riders manage to pull it off.  The first song on the CD, High on the Hog, starts off with a Classic Rock style guitar riff that propels the song to the finish like a hard twist of the throttle. I’m reminded of .38 Special while listening to the lyrics about living the good life and enjoying life and friends as well as the ride to the fullest. The song ends with a snort that left me laughing.

The MeanStreet Riders second song, Kiss it all Goodbye, is my favorite. It has a real catchy chorus and I found myself humming it later on my ride down to Bikers Bay to get the state inspection done on my bike. They have managed to bottle the feelings and emotions of wanting to leave your troubles behind and just ride. You know the feeling. Like when you are on your commute to work on a beautiful day and when you are getting closer to your exit you just want to hit the throttle and drive on by and keep on going. Maybe one of these days….

The third track, 129, is about hitting the road and seeking out the twisties while leaving your troubles and cares behind. It has another addictive chorus and is specifically about Deals Gap, a section of US129 in Tennessee nicknamed the Dragons Tail. You may not have three hundred and eighteen curves in eleven miles near your house but listening to this song definitely catches the spirit of riding the curves, draggin’ the pegs and pushing the limits. There are no chicken strips on this tune.

I’ve had a good ride, track number four, captures the mood of riders everywhere after the ride is over and the kickstand is put down. It ain’t all about if you get their fast, the lyric sys it all. The song itself is not slow by any means but the inclusion of the banjo almost gives the illusion of a lazy day ride out in the country. At the conclusion of every ride I hope everyone can say, “I’ve had a good ride.”

Track five, Rollin’ On, slows down the pace a little. Rollin’ on stats off on a relaxed note with Kansas (the band) like violins and Indians chanting hauntingly. The vocal and musical harmonies seem the blend together nicely on this tune. There is something also real earthy about the sound of a guitar players fingers sliding down an acoustic guitars strings. This song is also about leaving behind your troubles and pain and rolling down the open road to clear your mind.

A Modern Country hit is what track six sounds like. Titled Where I was Born, it reminded me a little of Keith Urban. It’s all about exploring the country side freely on two wheels remembering the past and proclaiming allegiance to your roots. Musically it is very polished and sounds great like the lope of a fine v-twin.

Picking up the pace a little, Livin’ it Up is track seven on the up and coming CD by MeanStreet Riders.  With some smooth guitar and the addition of some brass and some synth, this song has a unique sound all its own.  The dreamy lyrics are about several different riders and rides and living it up.

Number eight, Long Road of Love, is a slow melodic love song. The love of the road can be compared to the love of a woman.  Fun, exciting, thrilling, mysterious, curvy, and dangerous can be used to describe both. If you love the road and have another companion in your life that you love, you will enjoy this song.

Eye of the Hurricane is a number nine on the demo CD.  It is about the love of speed and the consequences and dangers of the addiction. When life is in turmoil all around, you can find peace at speed on your bike, in the eye of the hurricane. The driving guitar chords mates well with the driving lyrics of the song carrying the listener to the somber story ending.

The last song on the MeanStreet Riders CD is the rocking Souls of Chrome. It’s about the long road of life and the fact that even when alone you are not by yourself. On the open road you are surrounded by the ones who have gone before you. This song has a driving drum beat and cool guitar licks with some nice vocal harmony thrown in for good measure. This tune is definitely one you will have to keep an eye on your speedometer when listening to it.   

MeanStreet Riders music is made by riders, is all about riding, for riders to enjoy. However, you don’t have to be a biker or even a motorcycle rider to enjoy the sounds of the MeanStreet Riders. There is a good musical mix on the demo CD with something for every musical taste. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some new and interesting music to listen too. So, don’t walk, don’t run, ride out and get your own copy on the first.


Ride on,


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