Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pedrosa Broken collarbone

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, must accept the bitter truth when it appeared in the French Grand Prix on Sunday (05/15/2011). Due touched with Gresini Honda rider, Marco Simoncelli, Pedrosa had an accident and the injury was diagnosed a broken right collarbone.

Two Honda rider was fighting tight to compete for second place in the Le Mans circuit. When will swing to the left, Simoncelli who menggeber bike is very fast to get past Pedrosa to take from the outside because he was late braking. Sure enough, Simoncelli managed to overtake. However, bad luck would befall Pedrosa for front tire rear tire brushed Simoncelli resulting in accidents.

Simoncelli survived the incident because he kept going faster and occupies the second position. But, unlucky for the Spanish rider Pedrosa as being in the post-injury recovery plate-making operation on his shoulder and bounced off a broken collarbone suffered.

From the investigation result Simoncelli guilty of illegal maneuvers so penalized. Although ultimately failed on the podium, Simoncelli can take home quite a lot of points for being able to finish in fifth.

With this reality, Pedrosa became very fragile condition. The reason, his left collarbone is also problematic due to an accident during practice at Motegi last year. That is, if it could appear on the next series, including the fifth series in Catalunya on June 5, Pedrosa should be more careful again so that no accidents occur that could exacerbate a physical condition.


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