Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Horex VR6 Review

 And ’soon to say the universe of motion is finally entering the age of six-cylinderBut alongside the impending conversion of the prototype reality BMW Concept 6 during 2011 will also another six-cylinder, created to revitalize a brand born in Germany in 1923: the Horex. A completely new project, baptized VR6Extremely interesting in terms of motoring not so much for separation, but the technical scheme by which the six cylinders are arranged: V thanks to a very narrow just 15 °, The German engineers have succeeded in containing both cylinder banks in a single block, to the benefit of overall dimensions, which are comparable those of an inline four-cylinder. 1218 cc (68×55 mm bore x stroke) three valves radial cylinder, liquid cooled, triple overhead cam head, the engine that drives the Horex VR6 is supercharged by a supercharger and is capable of delivering, as a function of pressure, from 175 to 200 hp to about 8,500 rpm. Also worthy of maximum torque, which is over 150 Nm
Horex VR6_1

Six-speed gearbox, belt final drive, the new VR6 although showing a classic uses a modern chassis: aluminum twin spar frame, with steering head steel fork upside down 50 mm and single arm controlled by a single shock central part of the standard package. Standards are also radial calipers four-piston dual-piston front and s
Horex VR6_2

Horex VR6_3

Horex VR6_4

Horex VR6_5
ingle rear, as is standard ABS and rubber 120/70 and 190/55. With regard to measures vital to point out that the manufacturer announced 820 mm height for the seat (with a difference of + -20 mm) and a step between 1,475 mm and 1,505 mm. 239 kg, weight.


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