Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Benelli Debuts 2011 Motorcycles

The 2011 Benelli motorcycle line-up presents a number of stunning color schemes, including a TNT R160 (in red with either a white or red frame), a TRE 899 K (in white), the TRE 1130 K (gray Both motorcycles pay homage to the racing legend of Pasolini in a modern interpretation via a Centenary Green paint scheme. First and foremost, to commemorate Benelli's centenary, are two models that possess a significant relevance for the company; the TNT 899 Century racer and the TNT 1130 Century Racer (both available March 2011). The primary tact for the company is the introduction of a full slate of new motorcycles as well as updated classics that earned the company its status. Benelli, through a major reorganization of the company, is making a noble gambit to reinstate itself with the motorcycling public, intent on reclaiming its position as a designer of exceptional, performance-driven motorcycles.

In 2011 the Italian motorcycle company (founded by five brothers in 1911) celebrates 100 years of producing motorcycles. One motorcycle brand that fits the criteria of possessing a rich heritage that never translated into mega stardom and industry is Benelli. Maybe it's a matter of sentimentality, maybe it's the inherent exclusivity they afford by being built in smaller numbers. I still retain a certain admiration for the smaller, less popular motorcycle manufacturers.

When I was racing motocross in the 70s I leaned toward the underdog brands like Bultaco and CZ (after their heyday that is). not sure why, but I've always been a fan of less known and more exotic motorcycle brands.


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