Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura

Yamaha XS-V1 Sakura

Engine type=Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC
Cylinder arrangement=V-twin 2-cylinder
Fuel supply system=Electronic fuel injection

The "XS-V1 Sakura" is a symbol of our long-nurtured corporate philosophy. The a V-twin sport model with a look of "Japanese style" in the image of Yamaha's first 4-stroke model, the XS-1 (650cc), released in 1970. Its design is full of XS-1 DNA, in its simplicity and functional beauty and finds new refinement in a retro-modern aesthetic. It is a model that proposes a very Yamaha and very The Japanese vision of premium motorcycling life, bringing together the unique characteristics of a 1,000cc air-cooled, V-twin model with its strong pulse feeling and easy-going running performance in a finely crafted body that is lightweight and slim and defined by a low seat height.


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