Friday, March 4, 2011

Spies No Patience Wait 1,000 cc

In the 2012 season, MotoGP engine capacity increased to 1,000 cc. Yamaha rider Ben Spies claimed not wait to undergo season. Spies assess the style of racing in accordance with 1000 cc engine.

Kepsatian about the use of the 1000 cc engine for the 2012 season has been agreed upon since December 2009. Capacity expansion is done to add meskin greget motor racing king.

Even so because of new engine development in a short time it will take a lot of cost, the team may use the engine 1,000 cc or 800 cc.

Spies said he did not wait to compete in MotoGP with a capacity of 1,000 cc motor. "When 1,000 cc into force, the situation obviously would be different," said rider nicknamed The Elbowz was in Crash.

Spies said that he was driving style is more suited to 1000 cc engine. Earlier this rider from the United States has won three titles and one title SBK Xtreme with a 1,000 cc motor.

"I am very interested in what will happen next, because I think my driving style more suited to the motor 1000 cc," unadorned rider was born July 11, 1984.

"I thought I did not do many things wrong with 800 cc engine. I just stayed to fix a few important elements and we will undergo a perfect season this year," he closed.


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