Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beutler Future BMW Review

Before this decision Beutler’s garage was rather occupied by Japanese bikes from the legendary Kawasaki Z1 up to the current superbikes."But you quickly learn to estimate the virtues of a GS on the narrow and curvy roads in our region. You will even rarely find a rider of a modern superbike who can leave you behind with this 170 hp rocket”, the master smiles.There were some strange UFO sightings recorded at this time, but maybe the famous Black Forest beer lent a hand in the development, along with many meetings with his pal Peter Stoll, who is distributing Streetfighter parts under the name MEGATEC.Although they have strayed from the path of virtue at BMW with motorcycles such as the K 1200 R or the HP2 Megamoto over the past few years, I am sure that even the wildest concepts of the BMW designers for the bike of the year 2020 are comparatively conventional in contrast to this bike.
Passenger footrests are equally pointless – the black knight of apocalypse rides alone into the street café. The massive enduro-style tire didn’t suit the constructor’s plan either, nor did the huge 19-inch standard front wheel. And toss the lamps and turn indicators all around, along with the upright stock instruments, which haven’t been the favorite choice of the customizer.

The BMW-typical Telelever front wheel suspension also got a new suit and looks quite technical due to its contrasting Beutler-painted carbon-look and brushed aluminum finish. It is even hard for experts to reveal that these parts are made from simple plastic.
"The 1,085 cc two-cylinder boxer remained basically unchanged, but for a better sound I have adapted the open air filters and got the standard exhaust system made shorter", Beutler explained; he should know, as he invested about 900 working hours into his jewel. The exhaust wrap on the headers give the bike an even more angry look.
In a time when the 200 hp barrier has already been touched by some bikes, the 80 HP of a R 1100 GS doesn't sound too impressive, but if you ever made a trip across the Alps you will know that it is pretty tough to follow any BMW with an experienced rider.


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