Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Vespa

The Vespa is Internationally renowned as an icon of Italian design, freedom and style.
But what's the story behind the hugely successful Vespa...?

The Vespa was designed by D'Ascanio and born in the year 1946.
In post 2nd World War Italy, Enrico Piaggio decided that Italy needed a vehicle to get the Italians moving again. (The Fiat 500 shares a similar success story). The job of designing this vehicle was given to Corradino D'Ascanio, who was already employed by Piaggio, designing aeronautics.
The Vespa was classy and simple as opposed to being a noisy and awkward motorbike.

In April 1946, the first 15 Vespas were manufactured. Three years later towards the end of 1949, this number had increased to 35, 000, and another 7 years later one million had been made. Around this time in 1956, with the continuing popularity of the Vespa, production then started in Germany, Great Britain, Spain France and Spain. Just a few years later, Vespas then began to be manufactured in India and Indonesia.

The Vespa has had a notable social impact on the Italian lifestyle, resulting with Italy being named 'Vespa Country', and the vehicle appearing in many films, especially around the time of the 'Dolce Vita' period.


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