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Yamaha Raptor 700R, 2009

Yamaha Raptor 700R, 2009


The designed to dominate any terrain, the sharp-handling 2009 Yamaha Raptor 700R draws jaw dropping power from a 686cc liquid cooled engine. Electronic fuel injection means fantastic throttle response and performance, while a light hybrid chassis with aluminum rear section helps make it the lightest thing in its class.

At the top of the food chain you have little competiton, and with the Raptor 700R, there simply is no other ATV like it.

This is truly a lightweight big-bore sport ATV, with an engine designed for torque, and a chassis designed to rail corners. Inspired by the YFZ, the Raptor 700 R has many of the race bred features developed from years on the track, with a little extra comfort built in. With a wider/thicker seat, taller bars and suspension damping geared for the trails, the Raptor has an edge over the YFZ for long distance trail riding. It's more comfortable, has more leg room, and with all that torque, you aren't searching for gears every corner. So if you're looking for the ultimate sport ATV, and spend most of your time on the trails, look no further. The Raptor 700 R… let them eat YOUR dust.

If storming, effortless power in a world class chassis is the perfect recipe for an ATV, then the YFM700R is a feast fit for a king.

The YFM700R starter button opens a door into a whole new ATV landscape of high-traction discovery. This isn't just the biggest-engined Yamaha ATV, it's also one of the most exciting.

There are three main factors contributing to YFM700R's exceptionally ride characteristics. First, the hybrid aluminium/steel sports chassis, which makes it the lightest ATV in its class. Then there's the highly absorbent, fully adjustable long-travel suspension front and rear for precise handling and energy-saving comfort on long rapid trail rides.

And finally of course there's the mighty 686cc engine, the YFM700R's smoothly pounding heart. This single-cylinder powerhouse is the ultimate expression of Yamaha's four-stroke engineering expertise. High torque and big-bore power gives the 700R terrain-conquering ability irrespective of whether it's on the flat, a loose incline or across rocky slopes. A confidence-building ride is built into every bolt, spring, chassis section and engine part. Big front disc brakes with twin-piston calipers and an adjustable lever give maximum stopping performance, while EFI fuel injection provides advanced fuel management for optimum power delivery.

Any expectations based on previous ATV experience have to be left back in the van because the dynamic 700R will reset every benchmark you ever had. If unstoppable riding action is top of the wish list, nothing else comes close.

= New LCD gauges with speed and dual trips
= 686cc of liquid-cooled fuel-injected power

The features and benefits:
The 686cc Fuel Injected SOHC 4-valve single is a high torque monster that's so smooth, you may find yourself using fewer gears to go from corner to corner.
YFI means no choke and easier cold starting.

A forged piston for reduced weight and added durability, combined with an aluminum cylinder body with composite coating offers reduced weight, increased cooling ability and additional wear resistance.
Roller rocker arms reduce friction in the valve train, which allows the engine to rev more freely leading to better overall performance and improved throttle response.

The frame of the Raptor 700R will also turn heads thanks to its hybrid design. High-tensile steel marries with a cast aluminum frame up front, while the rear frame is die-cast aluminum. This design ensures the Raptor stays compact and light weight while reducing vibration and ensuring optimum rigidity.

The double-wishbone front A-arms feature reduced weight and increased strength thanks to the use of aluminum, square-shaped tubes of the upper arms and steel lower arms.
The front shock absorber incorporates a oil damper, adding to the optimum suspension set up.

The one piece aluminum die-cast rear swing arm offers superior rear wheel traction, reduced weight and added comfort for the rider.
Not that you'll want to stop once you get a taste of the Raptor 700R, but it's worth noting that the braking system is ready, willing and definitely able to stop you in your tracks. The hydraulic front brakes get YFZ-type twin piston front calipers while the rear disc size is reduced for lighter weight. The new system provides plenty of stopping power regardless of the terrain you're traversing.

The popular toggle link-type parking brake lever returns for 2008 with the auto-adjust feature that keeps maintenance to a minimum.
The power of the Raptor 700R is put to the ground via a set of front and rear Dunlop radials. This design offers improved cornering and added comfort to riders under a bevy of conditions.
The tires are mounted on aluminum rims, which include a rolled edge for added durability.
The Raptor incorporates a YFZ-style headlight, integrated LED tail light and YZ-style seat, which helps to improve rider mobility and comfort under all riding conditions.


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