Saturday, March 12, 2011

MotoGP 2011 Faster & More Strict'

Milan - Competition to the 2011 MotoGP champion throne believed would be more fierce. Yamaha and Honda rider is able to show off at any time, not to mention there is Valentino Rossi from Ducati.

The assessments were raised by one of the Repsol Honda team rider, Andrea Dovizioso. He said there will be more than five drivers who are quite capable of pursuing a degree.

"Level of Honda and Yamaha are very competitive and there are six drivers who use the two brands and have a chance to win the race and also the championship," he said in MCN.

The amount is also not including Rossi, a veteran racer who is now defending the Ducati. MotoGP world champion six times it was believed Dovizioso will again be a strong competitor.

"We also must take into account Valentino, because all know how tough he is,"said Dovizioso.

Thus, the Italian rider was sure that if the races next season will bring the heat of competition is more fierce than previous seasons. The picture was even been seen in pre-season test session.

"I think this season will be much faster and tighter than the last few seasons."

"I've never pre-season tests as quickly as we live in first and second sessions, in which the drivers often sharpens his time. This means that all want to be in front and it's very motivating," he explained.


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