Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scooter Styles

Small capacity scooters are ideal for first time riders, but beware - because you might just get hooked for life!

Get the freedom of the road and feel the wind across your face as you zip down the road on your single cylinder scooter. Take to the hills, head for the coast, find the camaraderie of fellow bikers. Your life might never be the same again.

With exceptional agility in an urban environment, a scooter can give you nimble transport around town, easy parking, yet coupled with enviable street-style. Many 50cc scooters are powered by four-stroke engines, giving power and performance to go with urban elegance and practicability.

The sporty, sleek lines of a stylish 50cc scooter combine with economic and green fuel consumption to give a popular two wheeler.

There are some wonderful new 50cc scooters on the market in enough different colours and styles to match every taste. The end result for the owner, though, will be a scooter of which they're immensely proud, and when not enjoying riding the scooter, they'll be spending time cleaning it and taking best care of it!

A new scooter needs no MOT test for three years, adding to their investment advantages.

For new young riders a 50cc scooter also comes with the huge bonus of being able to be ridden with only a provisional licence. No test required. So, get your scooter, get your licence and away you go!

So whether it's a Vespa or a model from Yamaha, Peugeot or China, there are many reasons for joining the legions of 50cc scooter owners.


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