Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Honda EVO 6

Well this made ​​as a competitor to Honda the Honda V-max Evo-6, according to Spanish news site Solomoto, Honda will launch a motor based on motor concept EVO 6. EVO 6 is diadaknnya debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 as a weapon hypermotard and Honda in making motors built from Goldwing 1800cc.President of Honda at that time, Takeo Fukui, promised that before he left Honda to build motorcycle companies such innovative concepts EVO 6. Fukui is set to be replaced Takanobu Ito, so the rumor according to the promises made two years ago. At the time the announcement was accompanied by the opening of Honda's Kumamoto factory, which will make Goldwing motorcycle.So Goldwing production will move from the current in Marysville, OH. Because EVO 6 will use the driving force 150hp, 6 cylinder, just as Goldwing, it is expected that production EVO 6 will also be made ​​in Kumamoto.Honda Concept motorcycles EVO6 is Automatic Sports Cruiser has a transmission that can be operated in automatic mode or manual six-speed with a six-cylinder engine.


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