Thursday, June 16, 2011

Electric scooter Honda EV-neo Ready to Go International

Barcelona - After taking the world's attention in the paddock when mejeng Repsol Honda team in MotoGP, Honda's electric scooter EV-neo ultimately will soon go international. Honda confirms that the scooter will be marketed internationally.

Honda EV-neo previously only sold in Japan only after its launch at the end of 2010 ago. But now, Honda will also test the scooter is in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

For starters, provides 18 units of Honda's EV-neo to the Barcelona starting early July for a trial period of 1 year.

"We are very pleased to bring Honda's electric vehicle technology to Europe for the first time," said President Montesa Honda Yukitoshi Fujisaka like detikOto quotes from the motorcycle, on Thursday (06/16/2011).

"Testing EV-neo in the condition of Europe is an important step as we develop our deployment of electric vehicles," he added.

Honda EV-neo is an electric scooter that was developed for businesses such as transportation or freight forwarder. EV-neo offers the sensation of driving with no emissions but without reducing power.

EV-neo electric motor is equivalent to a capacity of 50 cc motorcycle engine, but although small, is believed Honda motor can lift heavy loads and climb the hill with ease. Brake system has also been using the Combined Brake System (CBS) typical Honda.

The motors are adopting technology lithium-ion battery Insight cars can be fully charged in 30 minutes, for regular recharging takes 3.5 hours. Once the content is full, the motor can reach 34 km with a constant motor speed of 30 miles per hour.

There are two types of the EV EV-neo-neo-neo EV standard and Pro. The difference is, EV-neo Pro adds a larger carrier on the back, making it suitable for lifting objects such as newspapers or other goods.

The total load can be lifted 30 kg 5 kg ie with the details under the seat, in front of 5 kg and 20 kg in the rear cargo section. In addition at the rear, to save the basket of goods can also be seen on the front of the EV-neo Pro.

In Japan, the electric motor is started to sell for 454,650 yen, 574,350 yen (USD 48 million to Rp 61 million) for the standard neo-EV, and 459,900 yen, 579,600 yen (USD 49 million - 62 million). EV-neo with a battery that can be filled rapidly more expensive. Prices may differ both batteries are about Rp 1 million.


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