Monday, June 27, 2011

MotoGP ahead of Italian, Comeback Pedrosa at Mugello

Madrid - After the series was forced to miss the last three MotoGP, Dani Pedrosa will be back racing this weekend. In the Mugello circuit in the mat Italian MotoGP, Honda rider that will make her comeback.

Pedrosa suffered a fracture injury while competing in the French MotoGP. As a result he had to undergo surgery twice and was forced to miss the three series namely Catalonia, the UK and the Netherlands.

One and a half months after the accident at Le Mans was Pedrosa's condition has gradually recovered. He also confirmed that it will return to the track in the Italian MotoGP to be held on Sunday (07.03.2011) this weekend.

"I've been waiting for weeks to be back writing on my blog and say I'll be back to compete, and today I could finally do it," wrote Pedrosa in his personal blog.

Absent in three races make Pedrosa while scattered at six positions standings with 61 points gained. He left behind 75 points from Casey Stoner, who stood at the top position.

"I said last week, Mugello is a target and that's what I think right now. I went to Italy with can not wait to go up the motor again, to see how competitive I am," continued the 25-year racer.


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