Monday, June 27, 2011

Commentary Rossi about Simoncelli and Lorenzo Incident

Amsterdam - Marco Simoncelli again present in the midst of controversy after an incident at Assen. Sorry, Valentino Rossi was present to comment on the incident. What did he say?

In the Dutch MotoGP race last weekend, on Saturday (06/25/2011) night, Simoncelli led to incidents which have included Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha.

At a bend in the early races, Simoncelli suddenly slip and fall. The fall of San Carlo Honda Gresini rider was necessarily a bad impact to Lorenzo, who carried down to the track.

In the end the two are injured and can not continue the race. However, they lost valuable points due to time and was unable to penetrate the top five positions.

For the defending champion Lorenzo, it is obviously very detrimental because he is chasing league leaders while Casey Stoner (Ducati). Lorenzo also criticized the post-race Simoncelli, who also had a similar incident involved and make Dani Pedrosa injury until now.

Simoncelli was actually already expressed an apology for Lorenzo shortly after the race. But the controversy related to it is quite possible he would still continue.

Rossi, one of the senior riders on the track who happened to also come from Italy as well as Simoncelli, went back to give him advice.

"First of all I feel very sad for him because he is my friend and now he is in the difficult conditions," commented Rossi at MCN.

"This is a normal fault in the race. It can happen when the tires are still cold, but he should be able to fully understand how to solve problems like this," added the seven-time world champion in the primary classroom.

Previously, Rossi also has been giving advice to Simoncelli for him to be more careful when driving on the track again.


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