Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Satisfied with the results, Rossi Disappointed Grip

Silverstone - Valentino Rossi claimed content to finish in sixth position after a poor start to the position. But if the tires grip better yet, The Doctor could have to better results.

Complete the qualifying session in the order of 13, Rossi hoping for rain during the race can be docked to the top position. Expectations are a little more possible because the track was still wet at Silverstone race started after a rain.

Rossi then able to complete the race in sixth position. The result was encouraging despite the calls still did not satisfy him mainly because of the failure of the motor to get the desired grip.

"For me, I am delighted with this result when considering what happened over the weekend is the worst this season. We are struggling and the weather helped us achieve good results," said Rossi after the race.

Although not achieve satisfactory results mean that Rossi was having problems throughout the race. Is plagued with tire traction, The Doctor claimed difficulty controlling the bike.

"I think we have two problems. The first is a Yamaha and Honda faster than us and we must find the missing pieces to the rear grip to not mess up the front as quickly as possible."

"I had no grip and do not have enough temperature in the tires. Setaip lap it felt like coming out of the pit, the tires move too much and I've tried but it was very difficult," Rossi completed.


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